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Alex Berstad


Address: 5000 Walkley Ave

City: Montreal

State: QC

Country: Canada

Phone: 514 449 5172


I am a quick learner looking for experience in multiple avenues of employment to better understand where I wish to go with future employment and education. 


Work Experience

Child Care (04/06/2007 – 04/26/2008)

Part-time paid care for up to four children under the age of ten.

Last Employer: Private Employers, Vancouver, BC

Responsibilities: Primary care for up to four young children while parents attended their engagements. I was left responsible for changing a small infant boy and young girl, as well as bathing, feeding and putting to bed up to four young children simultaneously.

Accomplishments: Learned to be proficient at multitasking, changing and bathing infants, disciplining older children with the use of time-outs, and entertaining several children with different needs simultaneously, as well as scheduling activities and meals so that the children could go to be on time.


Quick to grasp new concepts and ideas, efficient problem solver, works well individually and in groups, quick to notice details and memorize basic facts/sequences.

Computer Skills: Average 44 WPM, basic HTML skills, can work well with Macintosh computers and basic Windows programs such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I can hook up a projector, set up a desktop computer, and I have good hand-eye coordination.

Foreign Language Skills: Basic ASL skills.


I am interested in learning to run a business through practice and refining my soft skills whilst working towards a more solid and appropriate resume.