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Alfred Naccarato

158 Esther Crescent, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

(H) 9058861243, (C) 6475881243,


To gain employment as an information technology specialist with a leading corporation in the field of network development.

Work Experience

Senior Sales Associate (01/01/2009 – 01/26/2010)

Worked with customers and network cash registers.

Last Employer: Campus Crew

Contact Person: 4169533548

Responsibilities: responsible for sales of retail clothing, maintaining a clean and orderly work environment and depositing night receipts.

Accomplishments: Top sales associate during many weeks. Highly respected by customers and promoted at the age of 16 from part-timer to senior associate. Gained valuable team work experience and social skills by working with customers and staff.


Establishment: Brebeuf College High School

Degree: OSSHD

Education Period: 09/04/2006 - 06/30/2010

Average Grade: B+


Effective communication skills, able to read and write effectively, strong teamwork skills and good problem solving skills.

Computer Skills: Strong knowledge in windows xp, vista and 7. Strong knowledge in mac osx. Proficient in microsoft office applications. Familiar with networking platforms (wireless networks, etc.)

Foreign Language Skills: Good understanding of French and Strong understanding of Italian. Some proficiency in speaking Italian.


Playing basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball and table tennis. Playing video games, working with computers and electronic hardware. Watching Discovery Channel and other educational programming.