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Alyssa Ainscow


Address: 2847 Thornhill Street

City: 76624

State: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Phone: 250 635 7279
Cell: 250 641 2343


I like math, and and am fairly good at it. Reading is a strong point. I won't be fussy about where I'm put.


Work Experience

Deck hand (06/15/2005 – Present)

Tying hooks, driving a boat for brief periods of time, cleaning fish, cooking, cleaning, taking pictures and videos.

Last Employer: Gary Ainscow

Contact Person: (250) 631 7209

Responsibilities: Keeping the boat from crashing, keeping plenty of hooks and other gear ready, cooking, cleaning.

Accomplishments: I can drive a boat and tie hooks. I'm getting better at cooking and cleaning.


Reading, math, writing

Computer Skills: Typing, some graphics, picture editing.

Additional Information

Research Projects: Speeches, essays.