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Andrew Jones

45 Bland ave., Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

(H) 905-662-2325, (C) 905-807-7086,


Seeking a position that will allow me to learn new skills and have better contacts for further education/job application. Part or full-time work, available to a soon-to-be high school graduate.

Work Experience

Service clerk (04/20/2006 – 02/09/2010)

Worked in the meat department of Fortinos grocery store.

Last Employer: Fortinos #62 Eastgate, Hamilton

Contact Person: 905-561-5291 Randy Earle

Responsibilities: Various jobs throughout the department, such as cleaning/serving customers/packaging & handling food items.


Establishment: Orchard Park Secondary School

Education Period: 09/07/2004 - 06/30/2009


Very fluent with computers/graphic design

Computer Skills: Fluent in Windows operating systems/Adobe photo shop/Basic HTML


Avid drum enthusiast, have been playing the drums since elementary school. Hockey fan when playoffs come around.

Very fond of using computers for school work and various other tasks.

Also an automobile enthusiast; more than fair knowledge of cars, the science behind how they work, auto-repair etc.