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Ashley Garringer


Address: 6219 Blackdrum Ct

City: Bradenton

State: FL

Zip: 34202

Country: United States

Cell: (941) 773-4369


As a Biology student at the University of South Florida, the type of field I wish to enter is that of Pharmacology. With a strong background in chemical and biological processes, the knowledge base for such a field is obvious.

As an avid learner, task-oriented, well time-managed and dedicated individual, my ability to work in any company will surpass any expectations and contribute positively to the company.


Work Experience

Cashier (04/21/2006 – Present)

Continuously improving my customer service background and handling potential situations with ease. Using a computer system to scan each item and after completion, getting the necessary payment options handled.

Last Employer: Publix Supermarkets Inc.

Contact Person: Gary Romano-(941) 907-6600

Responsibilities: Properly scanning and bagging groceries in the fastest, most-efficient way possible. Taking the payment method and giving correct change. Supplying elite customer service to every customer by providing conversation while making sure the customer is aware of what is going on at all times.

Accomplishments: I have received "Superior" on all my work evaluations subsequent to my first, since being hired. Worked at the company 5+ Years.


Establishment: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Degree: Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biology.

Education Period: 08/21/2008 - 10/21/2010

Average Grade: 3.29 GPA

Details: Will graduate Summer 2012


I have excellent customer service skills; interacting with and problem-solving. Among other skills, I am very task-oriented, timely and efficient when completing work.

Computer Skills: Although only formally trained at a high school level in Computering, I am able to type over 80wpm and have very good knowledge of how to use search engines and Microsoft office programs such as Word or Excel.

Foreign Language Skills: At the University Level, I have completed 4 years of French and taken a Conversation class. Although not fluent, I can speak it enough to communicate effectively in small situations.

Additional Information

Research Projects: Have worked in an Undergraduate Research lab on the University of South Florida campus. 100+ hours

Publications: In review: Kuhlman, JR, LB Martin, AK Ackerman, JL Fegely, A Garringer, E Rindfuss, and DR Ardia. Immune surveillance of skin differs between domesticated and wild songbirds. 2008.

Certifications or Licensures: Lab Safety Training Certified. IUCAC Animal Research Certified.


Volunteering: I am currently volunteering 2 hours a week doing Medical Filing/Patient Calling at the local Hospice Office in Tampa.

100+hrs overall.

Interests/Hobbies: In the spare time I have, I enjoy watching films, writing poetry, and playing video games.

I also partake in straight-knitting scarfs from time to time and was Secretary of USF's Knitting Club (Close-Knit) for a semester.