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Ashley Stuard

1631 A Bishop Rd Sw, Tumwater, Washington, 98512, United States

(H) (360)-943-7225,


To find a job in the horticulture/floral industry or a clerical position in order to further my career interest in those areas.  

Work Experience

Gardening  (06/01/2007 – 07/31/2007)

Planted, weeded, and took general care of several flower beds.

Last Employer: Dorothy Stroble

Contact Person: 1- (425)-466-4501

Responsibilities: Design and maintain several flower beds for the summer. Water, weed, and if need be replant a different variety of flowers.

Child Care Provider (10/01/2009 – 01/01/2010)

8 yrs. experience with kids of varying ages.

Last Employer: Milissa Leatherwood

Contact Person: 360-742-7295

Responsibilities: Watching her two children, feeding them snacks and dinner, bathing them, helping them with homework, putting them to sleep.

Child Care Provider (01/01/2004 – 05/31/2005)

8 yrs. experience with kids of varying ages.

Last Employer: Amanda Germann

Contact Person: (360)-943-7225

Responsibilities: Watched and cared for her newborn son. Feed him, burped him, changed his diapers, bathed him, laid him down for naps.

Coustomer service/Cashier (04/19/2007 – 04/29/2007)

Worked at Capital High Schools annual plant sell helping customers choose the best plants for their home and life style, Also worked taking the money and giving change.

Last Employer: Kathleen Watts

Contact Person: 360-596-8267

Responsibilities: Watering, pruning, choosing the best plant for customer, taking cash and delivering correct change.


Establishment: Capital high School

Degree: Diploma

Education Period: 10/02/2006 - 06/19/2010

Average Grade: C+-A-

Details: Focused my classes mainly on horticulture, business and computer classes.


Punctual, Friendly, Outgoing, Helpful, Smart, Hard-working, Dedicated, Honest, Trustworthy, Excellent w/computers, Superb reader/writer. I have 5 yrs experience with plants and 6 months training in the floral industry.

Computer Skills: Can operate most programs like word and excel very well. I generally can type between 35-40 word per minute.

Additional Information

4 yrs Girl Scouts, Cultural Awareness club.

Honors: Vice President of FFA

Conferences or Courses: Leadership camp.


Reading just about any type of book, and writing poems are two of my favorite things. I like to help garden and landscape with my friends and family. Playing football and running is generally how I like to keep in shape. I hang out with my nieces and nephews as much as I can and ride quads.