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Bernie Atlas

14 Quail Valley Drive, Thornhill, Ontario , Canada

(H) 905-881-0120, (C) 647-403-0664,




Work Experience

Warehouse Manager (05/01/2008 – 12/05/2010)

Manage and organize storage of several thousand skus in a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse in preparation for annual, one-month sale. Manage the selection and delivery to the sales floor of several hundred orders per day by 15-20 employees.

Last Employer: Wm. Ashley Warehouse Sale

Contact Person: Wendy Cooper 416-445-3640

Responsibilities: Storage of inventory. Tracking lost inventory. Remote inventory storage. Hiring of warehouse staff. Scheduling warehouse staff. Managing timely delivery of stock orders to all departments on sales floor.

Accomplishments: Managed the above responsibilities and lived to tell about it.

Sales Representative (01/01/1980 – 12/31/2010)

Generate sales of Czechoslovakian Bohemia Crystal to retailers (both independent and major) in a large Ontario territory which included Toronto.

Last Employer: Belfor & Co. Ltd.

Contact Person: Randy Bellini 613


Establishment: Sir George Williams (Concordia University)

Degree: Bachelor

Education Period: 09/06/2010 - 05/12/1967

Speciality: Commerce

Average Grade: B


Sales Drive cars, trucks, motorcycles, fork lifts. Golf Ski Windsurf Tennis

Computer Skills: Very computer-literate

Foreign Language Skills: French (semi-fluent)