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Bradford Wise


Address: 229 Tirrell Hill Rd.

City: Goffstown

State: New Hampshire

Zip: 3045

Country: United States

Phone: 1-603-497-2761
Cell: 093-079-316-0342
My status


I would like to enter in the field of Law Enforement/ Security. Being in the military has given me a base of experience in this field. I am a very loyal and dedicated individual with a high level of dicipline. I am a hard worker with a good work ethic.


Work Experience

Combat Engineer (09/06/2007 – 09/14/2010)

-Basic Training: 05/06/2008--7/15/2008 -Advanced Individual Training: 7/16/2008-08/22/2008 -Deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom: 01/08/2010-Present

Last Employer: Vermont Army National Guard

Responsibilities: I deal with explosives from time to time. My everyday duties are, but not excluded to: -Prepping my M-ATV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected-All Terrain Vehicle) before and after missions -Driving my M-ATV on missions -Gunning -Dismounting -Serve on the ARF (Aerial Reaction Force) as a dismount. (Blackhawks and Chinooks.)

Accomplishments: Promoted from Private Seocond Class to Private First Class (E-2 to E-3) 10/13/2008 Combat Life Saver certified: 02/28/2010


-Basic Assault Rife care and maintenance -Great Cook

Computer Skills: -Basic computer skills -Microsoft Word -Microsoft Powerpoint

Foreign Language Skills: -Some Spanish -Some Daari

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: -CLS: Combat Life Saver -M-ATV: Mine Resistant Ambush Protected-All Terrain Vehicle


My interests are:


Reading, Hiking, Backpacking, Traveling to new places, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, Going to the gun range, volunteering at local events, learning new skills.