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Casey Christmann


Address: 4201 montreal st. apt.103

City: Bismarck

State: North Dakota

Zip: 58506

Country: United States

Phone: 701-471-6182
Cell: 701-471-6182


The occupation that I would like to get into is operation heavy equipment. In the last 5 years I have operated all different types of equipment. A few strengths that I think I have are. Ive never been late for work. Ive only called in sick two times since i started working.


Work Experience

Truck Driver / Feedlot Helper (09/10/2007 – Present)

As a tuck i have hauled water to the cattle. And when i help in the feedlot i operate a 928 cat loader for feeding.

Last Employer: Cloverleaf Cattle Company

Contact Person: Louretta Kuhn 701-663-7474

Responsibilities: My main respondibilites are driving truck. I haul cattle from North Dakota and Montana to Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Accomplishments: Some of the skills i required while working in the feedlot and driving truck were proper maintenance on equipment.

Equipment Operator (07/12/2005 – 09/17/2008)

The experience that I have is operating the following pieces of equipment. 140G motor grader, 980H loader, 330B excavator, 30 ton off road truck,

Last Employer: Apex Construction

Contact Person: Troy Mattiesen 701-400-2406

Responsibilities: My main responsibilites were loading tucks and maintaining haul roads the trucks drove on.

Accomplishments: Some of the accomplishments that i have learned are how to operate the equipment that i listed in a proper and safe way. I also learened proper maitinance on the equipment.


Establishment: Napoleon High School, Napoleon North Dakota

Degree: High School Deploma

Details: I only graduated from high school and never went to college cause went into the military.


Just some other skills i possess are i work great with other people i like to take charge and get things done that im told to do. If nobody tells me to do anything i find something to do even if it means just cleaning up around the shop or around the yard.

Computer Skills: Just basic computer skills.

Foreign Language Skills: None

Additional Information

I wanted to talk about when i graduated from high school and went into the marine corps i made it through two months of boot camp and had a major asthma attack which caused me to leave the military.


My main interest is getting into a job where i can put my skills to the test and look back and take pride in what i have just done. Another interst that i have is being able to be around for my family. I like to hunt and fish and watch nascar.