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Chris Harper

78 Eastwood Ave, 52761, Ontario, Canada

(C) 647-269-0724,


To obtain a position at Blockbuster, no matter what the position is i feel i will be able to adapt and fit in promptly.

Work Experience

Labourer (05/03/2010 – Present)

Renovating homes

Last Employer: Harper House Contracting

Contact Person: Scott Harper/416-435-9169

Responsibilities: To clean up job sites, and help out wherever it is needed.

Site Manager (06/08/2007 – Present)

Selling roasted corn to citizens at sporting events and festivals.

Last Employer: Corn Cowboys

Contact Person: Walden Jefferson/

Responsibilities: Managing employee's on site. Also selling and cooking the corn.

Accomplishments: Was granted a Raise after only one summer of work.


Establishment: Birchmount Park Collegiate

Degree: High School Diploma

Education Period: 09/04/2006 - 06/16/2009

Establishment: Bishops University

Degree: Business Administration


Teamwork and communication skills from playing many years of lacrosse and hockey. Also participating in these sports has helped me become very patient and understanding.

Additional Information

I feel I would be a great fit for Blockbuster, no matter what my position may be.


I am an avid movie watcher. I also play lacrosse at University and used to play hockey. I enjoy hobbies such as snowboarding and running as well.