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Dustin Lemery

3076 John St, Cardinal, Ontario, Canada

(H) (613)657-3930,


To gain employment in a well established and respected company, in hopes to establish myself in the field.

Work Experience

Cook (05/11/2006 – 05/20/2010)

Last Employer: Mark McDonald

Contact Person: (613)551-9375

Responsibilities: I was responsable for: Ensuring food was prepared for mealtimes. Ensuring the kitchen was in a clean and safe state. Maintaining, and cleaning equipment.


Establishment: St. Lawarance College

Degree: Security Course


I am an aspiring musician, and a great people person. I am able to lead, or be led depending on requirements, i take orders well and always accomplish tasks put in front of me.

Computer Skills: Advanced knowledge of HTML. Basic knowledge of JAVA scripting. Able to use all basic computer programs.

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Private Security & Investigative License