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Geoffrey Tuck

38391 Westway Ave. , Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

(H) 1 (604) 892-5858, (C) 1 (604) 848-4890,


  My objective is to gain first hand knowledge of the job, and eventually to save money for schooling. Some of my strengths are; Great with people, smart, polite, respectful, and a hard worker.

Work Experience

Deli Clerk


Last Employer: Paul Dosanj

Responsibilities: My responsibilities of being a deli clerk was to, Serve customers in the fish department as well as the Deli, clean dishes, and keep a clean environment where we work.

Accomplishments: I learned to maintain a clean area, which makes for a better work environment, this is where i learned to have good customer service skills.

Kentucky Fried Chicken


Last Employer: Sherry

Responsibilities: My job as a cashier at K.F.C. was to serve customers their meals, recieve payments from customers and keep the lobby maintained.

Accomplishments: I learned a great deal of patience from this job as well as how to manage money and bills.


Panago Squamish Part Time

Last Employer: Jack Hsiao

Contact Person: 604 815 8328

Responsibilities: My job at Panago has been many different things throughout the employment. First i started out as a cook and the duties were to; make pizzas, slapping up shells, keeping counters maintained, recieving payment from customers, serving them their food, making the dough, and assigning the drivers their deliveries. Time passed and i became a delivery driver. Duties of this job were; getting customers their product fast and safe, dishes, sweeping and mopping, and doing my cash out at the end of the night.

Accomplishments: Accomplishments from this job included learned to strategise, cook, and manage money.


Full Time Apprentiship

Last Employer: Kris Duncan

Responsibilities: Keeping the shop clean at all times,

Accomplishments: From Duncan Autobody i learned some basics of the autobody trade, and I learned how important it is to keep a Autobody shop clean.

Delivery/Stock (08/06/2009 – 08/06/2010)

Full Time

Last Employer: Roy Rammage/ Doug Ross/ Jeanette Maddocks

Contact Person: 1 (604) 892 5951

Responsibilities: Deliver Shops their parts, quick and safe. Stock up the store of product. Keeping the place clean and organized.

Accomplishments: Accomplishments that i learned from this job is, Organization, Precision driving in all seasons and begun learning the basics of the front counter.


Basic Autobody Respectful Polite Hard Working Knowledge of Cooking Computers

Computer Skills: My computer Skills are very well, i have built my own computer and also put other cards into it to make it more powerful.

Foreign Language Skills: Grade 8 French. Fluent English

Additional Information

I have my Drivers Licence, i am currently 2 months from going for my full Licence test.

Honors: Grade 8 Honor Roll- Howe Sound Secondary School


My interests in life are; Music, Computers, Soccer, Running,Longboarding, going to the lake, hanging out with friends and family. I did volunteer community service at Brennan Park Recriational Center at the concession stand.