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Jake Kitchen

920 Peter Josiah Ct, Dacula, GA, 30019, United States

(H) 678-558-7119, (C) 678-558-7119,


Seeking employment with a company where I can learn and grow to be part of the well-oiled machine.

Work Experience

Line Cook/Elite (07/13/2005 – Present)

Last Employer: Apple Creek Management

Contact Person: Ben Marcum 770-979-1947

Responsibilities: The duties of a linecook are to set the line up in the morning, put away all incoming trucks, and make sure that the restaraunt is set up for success for the upcoming day. As an Elite, I performed store openings which consists of getting a new store open from the ground up. Training both hourly employees as well as managers on everything to do with day to day operations.

Accomplishments: Opened the Applebee's in Monroe, GA which is the busiest store opening to date..... and survived.

Security?Structured Wiring Installer (02/18/2000 – 11/18/2002)

Last Employer: Integrated Excellence

Responsibilities: Locate subdivisions/job sites and run security, phone, and cable throughout according to the invoice provided.

Commercial Upfitting Tech (02/14/2005 – 07/13/2005)

Last Employer: Commercial Truck and Van

Contact Person: 770-447-4458

Responsibilities: My responsibilities were to locate vehicles in the lot via VIN # and bring them to the work bay. Once in the work bay, it was my duty to upfit the van or truck with the products and services dictated in the work order by the customer.

Accomplishments: In the short time at CTV, I was given the responsiblity of the special orders team. It was my responsiblity to take the orders from the bigger, more specialized orders and make sure that all the work was completed for the more elite of customers.

Line Cook/Server (11/18/2002 – 11/14/2005)

Last Employer: Applebee's

Contact Person: Ben Marcum 770-979-1947

Responsibilities: Set up front and back of the house. Take orders/cook the order. Depending on what job was being done that day

Accomplishments: Lead Trainer


Establishment: Dacula High School

Degree: College Prep

Education Period: 08/28/1992 - 06/07/1996

Average Grade: 3.0


As long as proper instruction is given to ensure proper technique, there isn't anything that can't be learned.


I am a father and a husband. There is nothing more important to me than making sure I am able to provide for those that depend me.

Music is what I'm REALLY good at. Aside from working at Applebee's, I've gigged professionally for the last 7 years as a "hired gun" bass guitar player. Being a "mercenaty of music" and playing with as many bands as I have, has taught me organization skills. The last thing you want to do is double-book yourself. It makes you look bad and tarnishes your reputation.