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John Stoutjesdyk

Annis rd, chilliwack, british colombia, Canada

(H) 604-794-3749,


Bridal Falls Water Park would be a pleasure to work at for a summer job, It has been recomended that I apply here for the past few years. The different variatie of work available ensures work expierience will be aquired that will help with my high school credits. this job would also be used for me to gain my required 30 hours on work to graduate.

Work Experience

land scaper (06/11/2007 – 08/27/2007)

I helped with all land scaping, from small jobs such as laying down sawd. To building rock walls 8 feet high.

Last Employer: James Stoutjesdyk

Contact Person: 604-316-0079

Responsibilities: I unloaded the the excavator and skid steer off the truck. Much of my work was as a labourer, I occaisonaly opperated the machinery. I had to be able to under stand instructions well.

Accomplishments: I was able to develope a very strong work ethic, aswell as regular attendance.


I am good with my hands. I like working outside and around people, yet I still stay focused on my work. I am also able to have minimum supervison amd still complete tasks as I am required.

Computer Skills: I use a computer often. I have a general undrstanding on how to operate a computer.

Foreign Language Skills: I took Grade 9 french

Additional Information

Honors: I have standing B honors for grade 10

Certifications or Licensures: Firstaid certificate


I have interests in possably becoming a lifeguard, or a welder. I like to go outdoors alot, wether it be biking, or for a hike.