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John Vislisel


Address: 203 Laurie Meadows Dr

City: San Mateo

State: California

Zip: 94403

Country: United States

Cell: 1(224)441-7588
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A highly educated graduate in computer science, with multiple years of experience in software enigneering espeacially online code. looking for a job with related fields. A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Senior Software Engineer who can think “out of the box”. Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Expert in Java, C#, .NET, and T-SQL with database analysis and design. Skilled in developing business plans, requirements specifications, user documentation, and architectural systems research. Strong written and verbal communications. Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development environment.


Work Experience

Paid Java Developer Intern (01/26/2010 – 01/26/2011)

I was responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining complex or moderately complex web-based administrative information systems serving the entire UCSD campus. I also assisted campus departments with their computer-based information needs. Emphasis is on the development and enhancement of complex computer systems implemented on a wide support base, including Java / J2EE, XML, SSL, Java Servlets using OO model2 design pattern frameworks such as jLink or Struts, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, AJAX, Flex, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Unix Utilities and tools deployed via the Web. Providing assistance to other programmer analysts, as needed was also part of the job. Regularly meeting with functional customers and committees. Supporting installation and testing of complex software. Computing was performed in a large computer center consisting of Unix and IBM servers and mainframes

Last Employer: UCSD La Jolla, CA 92093

Contact Person: Joe Shmidt / 1(815)-224-4870

Responsibilities: *Strong technical knowledge and experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of integrated web-based administrative information systems, in an institution of higher education. *To demonstrated expertise in object-oriented programming technologies, including Java/J2EE or C or C#, Java Servlets using OO model2 design pattern frameworks such as jLink or Struts, AJAX and Flex. *To demonstrate knowledge of UML Modeling and object-oriented programming methodologies. *To demonstrate expertise in Internet technologies, including Web tools and third-party applications (typical tools, technologies and products: JavaScript, HTML, XML, SSL, etc.). *To demonstrated knowledge and experience with Sybase, Oracle, DB2 or other SQL-based relational database system. Detailed technical knowledge and experience in use of data structures with relational database design. *Effective skill in written and verbal communications. Demonstrate ability to develop written specifications such as Strategies, General Design, Detail Design and Test Plans to support Systems Development Life Cycle processes.

Personal Business (01/17/2006 – 09/22/2009)

Engineering web development, all layers, from database to services to user interfaces Supporting legacy systems with backups of all cases to/from parallel systems Analysis and design of databases and user interfaces Managing requirements Implementing software development life cycle policies and procedures Managing and supporting multiple projects Highly adaptable in quickly changing technical environments with very strong organizational and analytical skills

Last Employer: Myself

Contact Person: Me

Responsibilities: Re-engineered customer account software systems used by brokerage teams. Web developer for user interfaces to trading inquiries, support parallel systems. Developed and implemented new feedback system for users concerns, bugs, and defect tracking regarding use and functionality of new interfaces. Coded web designed interfaces using Java, XML, XSL, AJAX, and JWS. Support system for existing intranet for employees, including designing and developing the Advantage@Work system company wide. Code and support provided through ASP.NET, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle 9i. Collaborated in the development of in-house development of new banking software interfaces. Supported existing legacy system to provide newly created cases and insured they were available in the systems in parallel until legacy systems were retired. Deployed and tested Remote Installation Services(RIS)-Server Installs on Windows XP. Focused deployment of Server builds and handled some client builds. Modified Visual Basic applications for use in post-server builds for customizing builds. Researched RIS and Active Directory for future deployment world-wide. Presented findings to both the Networking Operating System Network Technology Integration team and the Microsoft Joint Development Team (JDP) at Intel. Produced a document binder for RIS and Active Directory to follow the project to the next team representative. Wrote bi-monthly progress reports, participated in weekly staff meetings and JDP team meetings designed to develop white paper processing. Provide technical support to the SSL team, managing inventory. Participated in testing and use of new SAP system as it was integrated into Intel. Managed Chipset products for IO Business Units. Supervised all lab assistants, guiding them with student project development. Provided one-to-one guidance with Visual Basic programming instruction techniques. Wrote small program projects for assignments. Presented structured learning labs where students could ask questions regarding Visual Basic Programming construct and syntax. Prepared structured teaching guides pertaining to chapter material that complimented the lectures by the professor. Provided customized software for tracking student progress throughout the semester. It included reporting for the professor on assessments, projects, homework, lab work, attendance, and overall grades.


Establishment: University of California San Diego

Degree: B.S. In Computer Science

Education Period: 01/11/2011 - 05/11/2011

Speciality: Bachelors

Average Grade: 3.758

Details: All CSE programs of study provide a broad and rigorous curriculum and are designed to provide students with the strong technical education necessary for placement in the competitive high-tech job market as well as for advanced studies in graduate school.


Technical and Personal Skills *Strong design and implementation of new site features for growing suite of social interaction websites. * Helped evolve the engineering process in multiple companies. * Architect platform capabilities for horizontal scalability and re usability. * Take different ideas and run with them * Participate in design for geographic distribution of server infrastructure * Maintain awareness of best practices in the LAMP space and promote them * Worked with a set of proven engineers and management * Communicated with the project team throughout all stages of design. * Created superior, original designs for the Web. * Reviewed information architecture and creative designs for feasibility. * Developed optimized/cross-platform front-end code in CSS/XHTML, JavaScript, and AJAX. * Actively participated in brainstorming with the product and engineering teams

Computer Skills: Technical Skills and Experience * Extensive knowledge of web technologies and architectures * 3+ Years of hands-on experience with the following technologies: PHP, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript. * Experience with high performance and scalability web applications * Strong Written and Communication Skills * AJAX/Javascript experience * W3C DOM methods and properties experience. * Expert in creating clean structured code and style sheets, with a passion for the latest and greatest techniques in web standards. * Demonstrated strong interaction and rapid prototype engineering. * Strong understanding of object oriented development concepts, software design, software quality and performance * Experienced developing technical specifications and deliverables * Strong experience developing applications based on the LAMP stack architecture (Perl | PHP) * Strong experience designing, implementing, optimizing and maintaining databases (preferably MySQL) * Thorough understanding of Object Oriented Principles (OOP) * Prior experience with start-ups and small teams Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Access, SAP Software: Microsoft Office, Remedy, Microsoft SQL Server, DB Artisan, Eclipse, Visual Studio.NET, FrontPage Languages: C#, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, XML, XSL, JWS, SQL, and T-SQL

Foreign Language Skills: Previous envolvement with spanish speaking individuals and can communicate in that language.

Additional Information

As a senior I participated in challenging project-courses in: software systems, where teams create multiplayer games; Internet systems, where students create sophisticated Web transaction systems; and mobile wireless computing, where teams create applications for handheld devices.

Honors: As a freshman I qualified for several scholarships including the UCSD Athletic Scholarship, the Ellen and Roger Revelle, Scholarship, the Regents Scholarship, the Chancellor's Freshman Scholarship, and the Claude and Irene McFarland Scholarship. In addition to that I also earned an extensive scholarship based on my academic skills in the computer field.

Research Projects: In college I participated in numerous application designing projects which focused mainly on coding specific programs built for online multiperson interaction, including online multiplayer games, chat rooms, and a myspace like interface.

Conferences or Courses: I attended the ICSE Confrence 2013: May 17-27, 2013 San Francisco, CA, a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of software engineering. Where I demonstrated a recent project and recieved constructive critisism on my work.

Certifications or Licensures: Certified Associate in Software Quality (CASQ) Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) Certified Associate Business Analyst (CABA) Certified Software Business Analyst (CSBA) Certified Software Process Engineer (CSPE) Certified Quantitative Software Process Engineer (CQSPE)


Through my whole life I have always played and enjoyed outdoor and indoor sports. Better though I enjoy useing my computer to activly program applications. Otherwise in my free time I like to read, watch movies, and participate with friends. Usually once a year I take a mission trip to a part of the world in need and help out for about a week. Such experiances include New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina Help, Haiti, Earthquake help, Downtown Chicago, Homeless Help, and Los Angeles, Homeless and Needy Help.