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John Marc Ylagan

261 Island Lakes Dr, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(C) (204) 295-0865,


Seeking position that will benefit from my knowledge and experience with mobile audio installation. Position that would require quick thinking and problem solving skills, as well as opportunities to learn new skills with electrical components.

Work Experience

Auto Tech Sr. (06/01/2007 – 05/05/2010)

Worked with full audio, alarm and remote starter systems. Have working knowledge of basic electrical principles and components such as head units, amplifiers, remote starters, etc. Was working towards M.E.C.P designation. Acquired and worked with own tools. Developed the know how and use for tools.

Last Employer: Best Buy

Contact Person: Carter Jantzen (204) 995-8071

Responsibilities: Head installer at Regent location. In charge of work orders and supply orders for the install bay. Specialized in remote starters, alarm systems, and full audio systems. Provided knowledge and support to fellow employees in regards to questions and concerns. Provided monthly evaluations on fellow employees within the department. Provided knowledge and support to customers with install inquiries.

Accomplishments: Working at Best Buy, they put me through the training I needed to become part of the Auto Tech team. Through that training, I developed the knowledge and skills needed to install working remote starter, alarms and full audio systems. I developed strong problem solving skills while working in this position. I acquired these as a result of problems that arose and being able to take care of them and figure out the best solution. At one time during my employment, I was the only installer at the Regent location. During this time, I handled two install bays. I developed good time management skills in order to productively complete all scheduled appointments for that day.

Product Specialist (06/01/2007 – 11/01/2008)

Last Employer: Best Buy

Contact Person: Carter Jantzen (204) 995-8071

Responsibilities: Sold products within and around the department. Provided customers with information about products and services. Sold any other services offered, such as product service plans, installation services, etc. Provided knowledge on products sold.

Accomplishments: Gained knowledge about products that Best Buy offers, not only within Car audio but around the store. Gained the confidence I needed to become a productive member of the team. Provided the store with many sales and excellent customer service.

Sales Associate/Cashier (04/01/2006 – 06/01/2007)

Last Employer: Stitches Clothing

Contact Person: Cherry Pineda (204) 688-4328

Responsibilities: Provided friendly customer service while attaining a sale. Fold and unfold clothes in a precise and fashionable manner. Cleaned and swept areas that required attention. Provided a positive experience for customers who entered the store. Dealt with purchase and return transactions. Handled money the store made.

Accomplishments: Working at Stitches provided me with excellent experiences in customer service. I acquired the confidence as well as the know how to deal with the public on a regular basis. I learned how to create a positive atmosphere for people shopping in the store. I learned how to handle difficult situations in the appropriate manner.

Sales Associate/Cashier (08/01/2004 – 04/01/2006)

Last Employer: Latitude Mens Wear Ltd.

Responsibilities: Provided fast and friendly customer service. Fold and unfold clothes in a precise and fashionable manner. Cleaned areas of the store that needed attention. Dealt with purchases and refund transactions. Helped customers find exactly what they needed.

Accomplishments: I acquired the skills needed to provide excellent customer service. Learned new ways of interacting with the public in order to make a sale. Learned ways to handle myself in difficult situations that would be professional and acceptable.


Establishment: J.H. Bruns Collegiate

Degree: High School Diploma


Works well with hands on tasks. Ability to learn quickly. Ability to learn from mistakes and retain that information for later use. Great people and customer service skills. Innovative and always thinking outside the box.

Computer Skills: Basic computer knowledge of Microsoft systems.

Foreign Language Skills: Bilingual in English as first language and Tagalog as second.

Additional Information

While employed at Best Buy, I was working towards completing my M.E.C.P. designation. I would like to continue to work towards this.


Installing new things in my own car as well as friends and family


Camping/Being outside

Playing pool