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Jordan Fulk


Address: 2913 Beville Forest Dr.

City: Browns Summit

State: North Carolina

Zip: 27214

Country: United States

Cell: 3366010739


I am an open person with very good people skills. I am a student at NC State University where I have taken business and criminology classes.


Work Experience

Body Repair  (06/11/2007 – 08/13/2010)

I have three summer and two winters experience working on cars after school and during breaks.

Last Employer: Hicone Body Shop

Contact Person: Ronnie Fulk / 3363755012

Responsibilities: Do anything that needed to be done around shop. Keep all items clean and in order. Put away tools. Also work on any vehicles that were available.

Accomplishments: I have created good organization skills and I tend to keep things very clean.


Establishment: North Carolina State University

Degree: Criminology

Education Period: 08/25/2011 - 05/12/2011

Average Grade: 2.75

Details: I will be entering my Junior year in the Fall


Communication. Interpersonal. Automotive.

Computer Skills: Can use spreadsheets and most office programs.

Foreign Language Skills: Very Basic Spanish.

Additional Information

Eagle Scout. Local high school graduate and attending college student.


I love the outdoors and frequently come to Gander Mountain for my fishing and hunting supplies. I am getting very interested in bow hunting and 3D shooting. I have created a Turtle farm outside of my home just outside of Greensboro. I go to a gym regularly and use to play sports in high school. I was not interested in playing football or wrestling in college. In my free time I build picnic tables and sell them.