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Josh Vickery

2 Sutton Dr., Johnstown, Ontario, Canada

(H) 613-925-7012, (C) 613-340-9019,


To secure a part-time job before going to College. Volunteer Experiences, such as working with Big Brother / Big Sisters at Ribfest, as well as several other volunteer/work experiences will no doubt help me in performing any tasks asked of me. I look forward to working for you and performing the duties assigned by you with proper diligence, dedication and honesty.

Work Experience

Angelos Truck Stop (07/27/2010 – 09/13/2011)

I worked as a Dishwasher for Angelo's Truck Stop

Last Employer: Pesso Impex Holdings Inc.

Contact Person: 613-925-5158

Responsibilities: Washing Dishes Food Prep Cleaning Cooking

Accomplishments: Although not an officially recognized accomplishment, all the people I worked with had said on numerous occasions I was one of the easiest people to get along with, as well as work with.


Establishment: South Grenville District High School

Degree: Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Education Period: 09/05/2006 - 06/30/2010

Average Grade: 75

Details: Attended South Grenville DHS from September of 2006 until June of 2010, and then returned for another year in order to obtain a course that was not offered in my graduating year.


Quick Learner Hard Working

Computer Skills: I know how to do almost anything that would need to be done on a computer. I have spent years around them, and can do anything from put together a great advertisement, to making a website for a company.

Additional Information

Honors: Won the Math Award, as well as the Highest Overall Proficiency Award in Grade 8.


One of my main interests is playing the guitar, which I have been doing for many years now. I recently began recording and uploading songs to Youtube, and played in a concert at my school, which raised over $1500 for the schools Art programs.


I also enjoy learning new programs for things like graphic/web design on the computer. I currently am designing a website for the Food For All Food Bank in Prescott using Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver.