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Joshua Osmon


Address: 1108 south 9th st.

City: Bethany

State: MO

Zip: 64424

Country: United States

Phone: 660-425-8362
Cell: 660-373-0946


I feel I am a good worker, I like to work and get the job done. I am focused and prefer to go by the book.


Work Experience

Warehouse shipper (09/09/2010 – Present)

Shipped packages all of the the U.S.

Last Employer: Buzzard Gulch

Contact Person: Cheryl Osmon

Responsibilities: Pack and ship merchandise, Pull it off the shelf, invoice, help on farm shows.

Accomplishments: Preformed all three jobs in 4 months of working there.


Very knowledgeable, quick to learn, and enjoy working hard.

Computer Skills: 60 WPM, basic knowledge of basic software.

Additional Information

Been to Generator school with the army as well as human resources.


I am a big time angler, I love to shoot skeet as well. I play the guitar and drums, I've always enjoyed music.