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Keagan Nickerson

72 Sherose Island Lane, Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada

(H) (902) 637-3332, (C) (902) 746-4336,


I aim to gain experience helping people as I plan to enter the Pharmacy Program at Dalhousie University. I like helping people and I think that I would be a great assistance to your business.

Work Experience

Attendant (06/28/2008 – Present)

Last Employer: Arthur's Auto Repair

Contact Person: Carla Smith/637-1797

Responsibilities: Had to communicate with many different types of people. Came with much responsibility as I was expected to open and close the garage on my own.

General Employee (05/01/2005 – 09/03/2008)

Last Employer: W C Nickerson Fisheries

Contact Person: Robert Nickerson/637-8644

Responsibilities: Mostly processed fish, but was also responsible for odd work that needed to be done.


Establishment: Barrington Municipal High School

Degree: Grade 12

Education Period: 09/05/2010 - 06/28/2010

Average Grade: 94%


Great communication skills, works with people very well. Able to adapt to any environment quickly.


I have a great interest in music, both playing and listening, I'm also very interested in Pharmacy and have volunteered several times at Shoppers Drug Mart in Barrington. Earlier this year I volunteered at Bayside Homes for a mock evacuation through BMHS