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Kelsey Holdner


Address: 1324 Lakewood rd west

City: Edmonton

State: ALberta

Country: Canada

Phone: 780 641.2981


Seeking an opportunity to add value by contributing my experience and knowledge while seeking avenues to grow professionally


Work Experience

Cashier (11/25/2008 – 12/15/2009)

cashiering, cleaning tills, stocking, merchandising. Working with customers everyday taking there photos for ids and passports, lableing. chemical handling experience- working with chemicals everyday relabling them cleaning them, doing inventory re stocking shelfs. horticulture experience- working with plants cleaning, trimming,watering cutting plants repotting.

Last Employer: Edmonton AB name N/A

Contact Person: N/A

Responsibilities: Cashier- cleaning tills, stocking, merchandising, cashing in and out at end of every shift. Shoppers drug mart- doing bevereges for stock, cleaning maintaining a clean work enviroment, taking customers photos for ids and passports and labeling.

Accomplishments: Good communication skillls, very hands on with my work, love working with teams and being a team leader, great inter-personal skills. when working i focus on my work and not get distracted from anything.


Establishment: W.P Wagner Highschool Edmonton AB

Degree: Grade 12

Education Period: 09/05/2007 - 06/16/2009

Speciality: equvilent

Average Grade: 12


Very good inter-personal skills, good communication skills, very hands on with my work, love working as a team leader as well working with a team and or by myself. Good working with co-workers i focus on work and nothing else when it comes to that. very good sales/ retail experience

Computer Skills: I know how to work with word documents and excel Im pretty good with using the computer typing skills is around 32wpm.

Foreign Language Skills: English

Additional Information

Compelted Grade 12 but did not graduate, I will be attending school in the late march to complete for my diploma.

Honors: I have recieved an award while showing alot of help I do not know what the award is called it was reconized for cleaning and being really organized.


I love to just lay back read a book, watch movies with friends and family, going out for walks.

Like to play vollyball, football,soccer,tennis,shopping,walking my dogs, skating, snowboarding e.c.t.

I like to spend time with family spending quality time with them,