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Mark Sears

11455 Skipjack Way South, Jacksonville, Florida, 32223, United States

(C) 904-237-1729,


I am an entergetic person that loves helping people. My skills are Security, Stocking and Driving.  Friendly personality that gets along with all and fast learner.

Work Experience

Stocker (05/13/2009 – 12/24/2010)

Worked over night unloading truck, stacking pallets and stocking shelfs. Also was helpful in training new members of our team. And a true team player once done with my job went to help others finish theres.

Last Employer: Target

Contact Person: Gabby 904-268-4334

Responsibilities: Unloading Truck, Stocking shelves and helping customers.

Delivery Driver (10/25/2008 – 04/26/2009)

Delivered Orders to customers homes.

Last Employer: China Garder

Contact Person: Jack 904-338-9148

Responsibilities: Making sure that the customers recieved there food in a timely manor and that the orders were correct.

Security/Bounce (08/09/2008 – 02/07/2009)

Making sure the customers were safe.

Last Employer: Harmonious Monks

Contact Person: Dennis 904-880-3040

Responsibilities: Making sure customers were safe and were of age to come into facility. Breaking up fights and handling disorderly customers.

Security (10/07/2007 – 04/18/2008)

Monitored Grounds

Last Employer: Allied Barton

Contact Person: Ed Weiss 904-39-1813

Responsibilities: Monitored the grounds around Tinsel Town, making sure customers were safe and that no one was breaking in to business's that were being built. Company lost contract with Tinsel Town so unable to keep postion.

Security/ Bouncer (03/06/2004 – 03/02/2007)

Keeping clients Safe

Last Employer: The Globe

Contact Person: Benit Jaket 904-99-2063

Responsibilities: Making sure the customers were safe and of age legally to enter bar, breaking up fights isuring customers protection.


Driving, Security, Stocking


My interest is firefighting, I am a volenteer firefighter from maryland and I love helping were I can.