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Mark Suchomel

2588 n castle ln, charleston, sc, 29414, United States

(H) 8438133462, (C) 8438133462,


Looking for Power Stroke Diesel Technician position.

Work Experience

Diesel Technician (04/24/2006 – Present)

5 years

Last Employer: Jones Ford

Contact Person: 8437443311

Responsibilities: Diagnose and repair Powerstroke diesel trucks. Including drivability, suspension, and basic service

Accomplishments: Ford Powerstroke Diesel Certified 6.0-6.4-6.7


Establishment: Trident Technical College

Degree: Certificate

Education Period: 01/03/2004 - 04/03/2009

Speciality: Automotive Technology

Average Grade: 3.4 gpa

Details: Night classes 4days a week 5 hours a day, studying general automotive knowledge


General Automotive knowledge Powerstroke Specific Training from Ford Motor Company

Computer Skills: Fluent with Ids and Ngs as well as Cummins Insite

Foreign Language Skills: none

Additional Information

Have had many project cars in the past. Cars are my passion and I work and play with automobiles.


I'm not really sure how to say this but I'm overly passionate about cars. I eat sleep and breathe cars. I have been in the automotIve industry now for about 8 years. I left Ft.Lauderdale 8 years ago to chase my future in the automotIve industry and have since gone to a local technical school here in Charleston South Carolina and held 2 jobs turning wrenches.

I started at Pepboys about 7 years ago. I mounted tires and changed oil, later the job would develop into front end and alignment and drivability. After 2 years I discovered that i had reached my potential for Pepboys and moved on.

For the last fIve years I've worked for Jones Ford and have studied and trained specifically to become a diesel technician.  I do everything from drivability to front end, brakes and electrical. The thing i enjoy the most is the battle, I love and hate when a vehicle is a problem. I love being the guy that finds a solution to a problem when someone else wasn't able to, even if it was hard to diagnose or I got frustrated in the process. I really have a passion for learning, especially with cars.