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Matt Horton

1628 Cayuga Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(H) 403 282 3635, (C) 403 714 1953,


As a young individual, a position that challenges my potential, and makes the best use of an honest and meticulous personality, will benifit from a commitment to quality work. Along with a mindfullness for customer service, that is shown through a care for detail, as well as, being amiable when comunicating. Bottom line: I love making sure a job is done right, because it matters.

Work Experience

Back-Shop Attendee (08/21/2017 – 10/15/2018)

Looking after the members and guests at the club involves monitoring many different areas and aspects of the golf course to ensure everything is where it needs to be well before it is even needed.

Last Employer: Inglewood Golf

Contact Person: Jeff MacGregor - 403 272 4363

Responsibilities: -Always keep facilities and myself tidy and presentable -Read ahead on the 'Tee-sheet" to have members clubs ready before they arrive, also to know when they will be due back so that their clubs may be washed and stored immediately -Ensure there is a suitable number of clean carts parked properly and neatly at the Pro-Shop -Maintain a variety of upkeep tasks every 30 to 90 minutes

Accomplishments: -Became familiar and friendly with many of the members -Proficiently handled busy periods such as 'shotgun' tee-offs or tournaments

Autoglass Install Assistant (05/05/2014 – 08/25/2014)

Working as a two-man mobile team, my job was to make sure the installer had everything they needed. This meant a prepared windshield, vehicle, supplies, tools, and paperwork needed to be setup in a coordinated effort with the installer.

Last Employer: GlassMasters Autoglass, Calgary Canada

Contact Person: Peter Telfer - 403 692 0340

Responsibilities: -Load and ensure the van has all the day's glass -Inspect every windshield for defects/damage before install -Prepare glass for install (clean glass, apply glue primer and moldings) -Help with installation -Clean exterior of glass and ensure vehicle interior is clean -Maintain van supplies -Dispose of all glass at the end of the day

Accomplishments: -Attained the values of good workmanship, for more efficient higher quality results -Shown an ability to do long days of heavy work

Retail Sales Associate (11/01/2012 – 07/25/2013)

Making sure that every customer had access to all the help and information possible was routine. As was the "merchandising" aspect in that the storefront had to be dusted, tagged, organized, and positioned properly on a daily basis.

Last Employer: Future Shop, Calgary Canada

Contact Person: Tammy Bertrand - 403 288 2144

Responsibilities: -Maintain good monthly positioning on the company's semi-national sales leader-board -Handle non-cash/electronic sales (cash customers had to be taken to a cashier) -Watch for furtive people and act accordingly to minimize theft -Ensure all customers have an equal understanding of the companies "protection plans" -Constantly check product pricing, positioning, and cleanliness

Accomplishments: -Improved customer "bouncing" skills so that no one visitor has to wait on the sale of another -Improved general salesmanship and customer care -Gained understanding of sales respect for other employees in other departments (without interrupting the customer experience) -Improved critical thinking/solution planners (helping customers to their most desirable outcome available)

Sign-Maker/Printer Operator (01/12/2015 – 01/16/2017)

Producing signs and print-work involved many diverse tasks. From the very basic, such as, loading paper/stock. To the more involved, like matching colours or calibrating the sign cutting machine. The job was not limited to simply production, there was also the need to take care of office work and handling customers on the front end.

Last Employer: Rileys Enterprise Solutions, Calgary Canada

Contact Person: Hanif Nazerali - 403 297 1112

Responsibilities: -Answer phone calls and e-mails regarding new orders, order adjustments, or quote inquiries -Enter new orders into the production software workflow -Make sure the work space was clean, organized, and stocked with required materials -Understand and operate all machinery from printers to cutters, and hand tools -Assemble banners and signs and ensure quality of finish -Basic graphic design and image manipulation including setting cut vectors to be machine cut -Package finished productions of all kinds -Deliver sings/prints on occasion

Accomplishments: -Improved organization of daily task to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity so that customer deadlines were met -Learned the nuances of working with printed material and different mediums/stocks -Went over-and-above to learn parts of the graphic design software as needed for extra flexibility


Establishment: Rundle College

Degree: High School Diploma

Education Period: 09/01/2009 - 06/25/2012

Average Grade: ~85%

Details: Graduated as Class of 2012


Retail and direct Sales. Merchandising and inventory systems experience. Customer service.

Computer Skills: Basic programming (Visual Basic, Java), computer assembly/repair, and graphics (2D, 3D, Vector).