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Michael Hejmej


Address: 81 Paige Street

City: Kitchener

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 519-742-6425
Cell: 519-591-2267


Articulate, focused individual with proven expertise in motivation others to achieve goals, while also prioritizing and strategizing for winning school athletic programs. Interacts with the highest degree of professionalism while keeping others highly motivated. I hope to gain knowledge in the field of tennis coaching and become a high level tennis coach.


Work Experience

Student Tennis Coach (05/10/2010 – 06/11/2010)

Helped coach and motivate St.David's Catholic Secondary School Junior Tennis Team. Assisted coaching teacher maximize the potential of the team.

Responsibilities: Feeding tenns balls. Running drills with students. Initiating warm-up. Partaking in the team. Designing sportswear such as the St.David's Junior Tennis Team shirt.


Establishment: St.David's Catholic Secondary School

Average Grade: 92%

Details: Currently enrolled. Expecting diploma in Summer 2012.


Many years of tennis experience and training.

Computer Skills: Great with computers, photoshop, web design etc.

Foreign Language Skills: Also fluent in Polish.

Additional Information

Honors: Honour Roll 2008-2009 Prinicipal Honour Roll 2009-2010


  • Tennis is one of the largest priorities.
  • Education and grades are very important.
  • I have a love for technology such as computers, broadcasting, and designing.