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Neal McNeill


Address: 3724 S Florence Ave

City: Tulsa

State: Oklahoma

Zip: 74105

Country: United States

Phone: 918-747-3403
Cell: 918-8334470


To find a position where I can utilize my expierience in the compression

industry and be an asset in building a better Team.


Work Experience

Senior Buyer  (03/15/2001 – 06/01/2009)

Purchsased MRO and Non Bill of material Items for Shop.Project Buyer,Commodity Buyer,Bought items for skid and vessel fabrication.

Last Employer: Hanover / Exterran

Responsibilities: Started as MRO Buyer and special buyer for a specific project.Later became Project Buyer.Company then divided into Project and Commodity buying.Bought all skid material for Compression and Process and Treating.

Accomplishments: Worked on many special projects from Outsourcing machined parts,to include outsourcing of fabrication of skids and pressure vessels.

Purchasing Agent (03/29/1991 – 06/01/1999)

Purchased Heavy Equiptment for three Fabrication Facilities.Items included engines,motors,compressors and coolers.Purchased bill of material items for Tulsa and Yukon.

Last Employer: Bush / Global Compression

Responsibilities: Purchasing material for fabrication of Compressor packages.Included welding supplies,shop supplies ,pipe,pipe fittings,instrumentation, electrical supplies,tubing,tube fittings,cranes forklifts,engines,compressors,coolers,motors

Accomplishments: Worked on Cycle time reduction team.Took part in 3 computer conversions and Enviromental Health and Safety training.

Gas Parts Sales Manager (03/01/1989 – 03/01/1991)

Worked with end users and repair shops and our service department on sales of spare parts.

Last Employer: Bush Compression

Responsibilities: Sales of OEM parts to compression stations and end users for compression packages.

Accomplishments: Worked with supplies to get recommended spare parts list

Shop Manager (11/18/1987 – 02/28/1989)

Managed and scheduled 15 people that worked in golf pro - shop and restaurant

Last Employer: C

Responsibilities: Managed and Scheduled 15 people in the pro-shop and restaurant,purchased food items.

Accomplishments: Increased sales in the restaurant and rounds on the golf course.

Billing Manager / Purchasing (02/28/1985 – 11/05/1987)

Buying materials for sales orders and coding and billing orders.

Last Employer: Tulsa Door and Trim

Responsibilities: Purchasing materials for sales orders,coding and billing sales orders

Accomplishments: Established procedures to help in the costing of custom sales orders.


Establishment: Oklahoma State University

Average Grade: 2.5

Details: Studied Business Administration 64 Hours


Have vast knowledge of Pipe,Structural Steel,Vessel material

Computer Skills: Excel and Word Have been through 6 computer conversion so I'm rather flexible.

Additional Information

Conferences or Courses: Have taken courses in Supply Chain Management and APACS


Past president of the Tulsa Golf Association