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Nick Gay


Address: Rt 780

City: St George

State: NB

Country: Canada

Phone: 506-755-6986
Cell: 506-754-1342


To whom it may concern,

Hi there my name is Nick, I'm 18 years old and very interested in learning mechanics in a big way, hoping that there is an opportunity in your Saint John location for me.

I'm a musician/teacher currently self employed but it's not a very stable income.. I'm a fast learner, I'm great with my hands and don't mind getting dirty.. I live in charlette county after all.

If there is an opportunity to learn and to work with your company please let me know.




Work Experience

Customer Service Representitive (08/01/2008 – 09/01/2009)

Using cash registers, stocking shelves, heavy lifting.

Last Employer: Fred Armstrong

Contact Person: 755-3335

Responsibilities: Cleanup, Garbage Removal, Shelf stocking, Customer service, General Labor.


Musician Teacher

Computer Skills: Programming in VB script Cisco Networking Microsoft Office Suite use and troubleshooting. Computer Troubleshooting


I'm a self employed musician, gigging and teaching music at the present time, I maintain 2 weekends a month playing at local hotels and bars, as well as 10 students.

My hobbies would include building and working on computers, as well as basic mechanics.

I'm a avid mountain biker with many hours and dollars invested in the sport!