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Nicole Buxton

4447 Beethoven Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63116, United States

(C) 314-566-1740,


 A self motivated, hard working, dedicated individual seeking a full- or part-time seasonal position to gain experience in the work force and to achieve growth and satisfaction in my personal and professional life while fulfilling worthwhile objectives by becoming an asset to your company using my experience, versatility, and drive for success.

Work Experience

MST Animal Lab Technician (05/04/2009 – 10/16/2009)

Last Employer: Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST), Rolla, MO

Contact Person: Dr. Roger Brown, (573) 341-4860

Responsibilities: As a Animal Lab Technician: feeding and filling animals water bottles, cleaning cages, some janitorial work around the lab, record keeping, put together a lab manual for my professor, any additional task around the biology lab (as per assigned by my professor).

Accomplishments: Kept Animal Lab in order and animals healthy.

Patient Ambassador, Volunteer (09/15/2008 – 11/21/2008)

Last Employer: Phelps County Regional Medical Center: AHEC

Contact Person: Jen Kresse,

Responsibilities: Provide companionship and assistance to patients located in the Acute Rehabilitation floor. Also provide any assistance to Nurses and Physicians, when asked.

Accomplishments: At the end of each shift, going home knowing that you just helped and made a little bit of difference in people's lives who need it the most.

Office Assistant (01/10/2005 – 03/30/2007)

Last Employer: Alpha Pipe Co., 2111 Bentley Plaza, Fenton, MO, 63026

Contact Person: James Roeder, 636-861-2900

Responsibilities: My duties were basic office work, such as cleaning and organizing. I showed self-motivation by working after office hours with no one to help me or to tell me what to do. I also worked temporary assignments when the administrative assistant was on vacation. During these assignments, I answered the phones, did light filing and multiple organizational projects.

Summer Camp Counselor (06/04/2007 – 08/08/2008)

Last Employer: Mid-County Family YMCA

Responsibilities: Planning, directing and supervising camp activities for the YMCA Day Camp program. Ensuring developmentally appropriate practices and attention to the safety and individual needs of each camper while modeling, practicing and caring out the YMCA Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Showing my ability to be fun and energetic, while also being responsible for anywhere from 2-50 children, in some cases along with camper with special needs. To make sure that the campers had fun throughout the day and speak with their parents if anything went wrong throughout the day.

Accomplishments: Building connections with campers and their families, knowing that I made a difference in their lives was a huge accomplishment.

Work Study (08/21/2006 – 12/15/2006)

Last Employer: New College of Florida, 5800 Bay shore Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243

Contact Person: Natrual Sciences Office

Responsibilities: Basic office work, including cleaning, posting posters around the building, taking down posters, answering phones, creating organizational tables, and filing.


Establishment: Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1870 Miner Circle, Rolla, MO 65409

Degree: Majors: B.S. in Biological Sciences and Phsycology; Minor: Chemistry

Education Period: 08/20/2007 - 12/17/2010

Average Grade: 3.4

Establishment: St. Louis Community College: Forest Park, 5600 Oakland, St. Louis, MO 63110-1316

Degree: B.S. in Biology

Education Period: 01/08/2007 - 05/11/2007

Average Grade: 3.65

Establishment: New College of Florida, 5800 Bay shore Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243

Degree: B.S. in Biological Sciences

Education Period: 08/21/2006 - 12/15/2006

Average Grade: Passed all classes on a

Establishment: Metro Academic and Classical High School, 4015 McPherson, St. Louis, Mo 63108

Degree: High School diploma

Education Period: 08/19/2002 - 05/19/2006

Average Grade: 3.3

Details: Programs completed: Washington University Saturday Scholars Program (2005); Saint Louis University MIND Program (2004); and University of Missouri Excellence in Learning Program (2004). Completed over 300 hours of community service: Health Care for Kids (180 hours), St. Margaret Catholic School (100 hours), and as a score keeper at Metro (60 hours).


Time Management, Communication , Teamwork, Quick Learning, Reliability, Ethics, Determination, Multi-Tasking, Compassionate, Punctual, Organized, Friendly, Efficient worker, Self-motivated, Office skills (telephone etiquette, cleaning, filing, etc), and a great sense of responsibility.

Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Foreign Language Skills: Spanish: College Level 1, minimal

Additional Information

Volunteered as a Peer Educator (Joe'ss PEERS) at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Joe'ss PEERS provides assistance and promotes healthy behaviors among students through interactive programming, awareness campaigns, and distribution of health education material; through attending required meetings each week, attending required events (5k Run and Hotshots, etc), writing articles for the school newspaper, writing newsletters, etc. My favorite accomplishment through this organization was our first "Dinner and a Vaccine" event, where we provided free dinner and Gardisil vaccine (against HPV strains leading to Genital warts and Cerical Cancer); we vaccinated 94 women in our community, which was a huge success! Also, I have babysat for many families. Responsibilities ranging from: pick-up/drop-off, cooking, housekeeping, homework help, making sure the children got medicines, entertaining the children. From these experiences, I gained a great sense of responsibility, people skills (both with children and parents).

Research Projects: As a Student Researcher at MST I worked closely with a graduate student and my professor, Dr. Brown, to create materials to be used in Soft Tissue Repair experiments and assist with surgeries, including preparing the room for surgeries and cleaning afterward. I learned many new biological techniques for surgeries, creating materials, and research.

Professional Membership: MST SCRUBS: pre-medical organization, member


Community service, especially health related experiences; reading; animals; working with people; and helping others.