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Ron Stubbington

38 Bonnette Street, Acton, ON, Canada

(H) 519-853-5608, (C) 905-875-8169,


Professional alignement with a company where my wide variety of skills can be used to assist in the designing,development, testing and troubleshooting of database related projects as well as mangaging infrastructure technology.

Work Experience

Programmer/Analyst (01/03/2005 – Present)

Design and develop all process/reports/client deliverables that using data from a relational database infrastructure. This includes the design and development of the Reporting System, the processes used in all regions using the Reporting System, management of resources to insure a timely completion of assigned projects and developments and the representation on all committees where the reporting infrastructure is involved. Manage the internal and external computer/server infrastructure.

Last Employer: NexgenRx Inc. Totonto Ontario

Contact Person: 416-695-3393

Responsibilities: ??? Responsible for the design and support of the ???Reporting Database (Data Warehouse)??? in all regions. ??? Responsible for the design, execution and support of all processes that run outside the ERP system requiring the use of extracted data from the ERP Database. Such processes would include the End of Day Batch jobs, EOB/Cheque Production and Client Deliverables. ??? Responsible for all client deliverables and the method on which the client receives their requirements. This would include all FTP and Share Point delivery processes. ??? Responsible for regression testing all Processes that run outside the ERP system requiring the use of extracted data from the ERP system. ??? Responsible for the allocation of work, time management and daily work load of the Technical Business Analyst. ??? Responsible for the Office computer/server infrastructure and supporting all Office infrastructure requirements. ??? Responsible for the Colo computer/server infrastructure as it relates to procurement and maintenance. ??? Be a representative for the s Reporting System on all MSC committees. ??? Responsible for DRP plans in regards to the Reporting System and office and Colo IT infrastructure. ??? Change Manager for the Reporting System.

Accomplishments: Designed and developed from scratch the Reporting Database on which all reporting, client deliverables and Cheque processes are run against. Desigined and developed the End Of Day process to populate the Reporting Database and automated these processes. Designed and developed a Cheque Printing solution which prints all cheques and client related information.

Application Developer /IT Manager (05/01/2001 – 12/31/2004)

Being the only IT person in the company, my duties where wide and diverse. I was responsible for all application development, support of the JDE Oneworld enviroment, and all IT infrasrtucture.

Last Employer: Upper Canada Soap and Candle Makers (Mississauga ON)

Responsibilities: ??????? Developing applications using Microsoft VB 6.0, Crystal Reports and SQL to enhance functionality of JDE Oneworld and to develop custom applications not offered in JDE Oneworld. ??????? Report development using Crystal Reports. ??????? Developing custom Database Applications using Microsoft Data Transfer Services found in Microsoft 7.0 SQL server to improve visibility of company performance and product statuses. Responsible for all IT infrastructure including Desktops, Laptops and Servers.

Accomplishments: ? Developed an on screen Product Status and Product Sales program which enabled the user at the click of a button to view Inventory Numbers, Current and Previous Sales levels, Budget and Forecast Information and Outstanding Order information. This program reported at the overall company level as well as drill downs to Group, Subgroup and SKU level. Also the User Manual and Technical Data documentation was developed. ? Developed a US Commercial Invoice program with a user interface which allows the shipping department to enter order numbers for a US shipment. A unique control number is assigned to the entered order numbers. This allows the addition, deletion and modification of order numbers. After passing several verification tests, the program allows the generation of a summary and detailed Commercial Invoice including costs, quantities and harmonized and tariff codes. ? Developed a user interface which ties the shipping system software with JD Edwards Oneworld software. This interface allows the user to input the order number and after retrieving the required information from JD Edwards it passes it to the shipping system software. After calculating the rates the interface then passes the tracking and billing information back to the JD Edwards software. ? Automated the End of Day / End of Week / End of Month procedures so that little operator intervention is required. Developed an automatic Email program which searched out required reports and automatically sent them to the required Email recipient.

Varried (02/01/1989 – 04/30/2002)

Starting as a wharehouse supervisor, I worked my up through the company. I worked in purchasing after being the warehouse supervisor eventually becoming a computer operator. From this point my IT career excellarated to where it is today.

Last Employer: Upper Canada Soap and Candle Makers (

Responsibilities: X Administered a Microsoft Windows NT network of approximately 65 users and PC?s. X Responsible for software and hardware upgrades and new installations. X Responsible for maintaining a WAN with remote offices. X Responsible for all backups. X Responsible for the installation and maintenance of Microsoft Exchange Server. X Responsible for all Anti Virus applications. X Responsible for security, menu design and setup, all package builds and deployment of JD Edwards software. X Administered a Microsoft SQL 7.0 database with responsibilities for backups, performance, database maintenance, Data Transfer Services, security and scheduling jobs. X Worked with Query Analyzer to help debug problems and to assist in the development of custom applications.

Accomplishments: X Developed a series of integrated scans and reports to ensure and maintain data integrity. X Developed Microsoft Data Transfer Service jobs to run required jobs for system integrity. X Upgraded from Microsoft Mail to Microsoft Exchange Server complete with anti-virus protection. X Upgraded from a Windows 3.11 environment to a Windows NT Domain environment complete with a TCP/IP infrastructure. X Provided the technical support and resources for the integration of JD Edwards Oneworld software as well as played a vital role in the preparation of all system hardware and network structure to meet the requirements of JD Edwards Oneworld Software. X Encourage all users to use the Internet as well as developed an Intranet site with links to vital reports and custom programs.


Establishment: Mayfield Secondary School

Degree: Ontario Secondary School Graduation Deploma

Education Period: 09/01/1976 - 06/29/1990


Microsot Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Visio Other Microsoft Office Products

Computer Skills: Transact Sequel Query Language Crystal Reports Microsoft SQL 2000 and 2005 Microsoft Microsoft VB6 Microsoft Exchange 2002 Microsoft Sever 2003


Hockey (as a spectator and as a coach)