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Ryan Ramsey

PO Box 906, Lawtey, Fl, 32058, United States

(C) 904-813-9092,


I am a rare blend of technician, operator, and manager.  My training and experience can be of use to your company on multiple fronts, assessment, planning, logistics, technical, and leadership.  You require intelligence, cool heads, and ability.  Every day in my adult life, before and after my service, has been a challenge to perform when failure means death or loss of property.  Attention to detail, military bearing, professionalism, and constant learning and adaptation describe my life and attitude.  I am willing to accept varied assignment as needed to maintain operations. 

Since leaving the military I have honed and increased my tactical skills, teaching and competing in regular combat pistol and 3 gun matches.  I am far more skilled now than when i was active duty.

I build and maintain military firearms for fellow competitiors and other individuals as well, and am familiar with prevention and repair of all common failures of the firearms in your inventory.

By day I coordinate and install all manner of security and camera systems, communication networks, and electrical projects for many government and  non-government entities.  Recent clients include DHS/Border Patrol/Customs, US Navy, Florida State College Jacksonville, and US Marine Command, Blount Island.

I am experienced in all aspects of security from assessment, planning, logistics, to emergency response.

Work Experience

Gunners Mate (06/27/1995 – 06/26/1999)

Stationed aboard the USS Underwood, FFG-36, and at NAS Jax.

Last Employer: USN

Responsibilities: Shipboard: --Operation, maintenance, and repair of shipboard weapons systems from small arms to mk-19 missile launcher. --Member of security alert team --Member of boarding party conducting drug interdiction in the Gulf of Mexico NAS Jax- --Armorer --Rangemaster, training and qualifying flight crews with small arms

Accomplishments: --Meritorious advancement, top of boot camp class --Top scores on waterfront in ordinance safety inspections --Achieved E-5 in first enlistment

General Superintendent/Safety Officer (06/28/1999 – Present)

We focus on the most complex and challenging projects in the industry. Taking over jobs done wrong, high security data networks with large volumes of transactions, airports, govt offices, medium and high voltage projects, shipboard.

Last Employer: The Titan Electric Group Inc.

Responsibilities: As the General Superintendent I am responsible for bidding, project management, training, and supervision of employees. As the Safety Officer I am tasked with preventing injury and death, as well as ensuring compliance with all OSHA, MSHA, etc. regulations.

Accomplishments: --I am tasked with the most complex and dangerous projects where failure is not an option. --Following an employee death I was tasked with design and implementation of a new safety program in 2008. We have had zero recordable injuries or fatalities since, and have lowered our insurance rates.

President (12/18/2009 – Present)

Primarily consulting for clients in the areas of safety, security, and energy efficiency.

Last Employer: Landser Group, LLC

Contact Person: Ryan Ramsey 904-813-9092

Responsibilities: Take the customers goal, determine the budget, and provide the highest level of service possible within that framework. Typically this involves access control, security, and surveillance system planning and installation, and training of the customer and/or family in use of the electronic devices, firearms, and situational awareness.

Accomplishments: I am proud of the wholistic approach I bring to personal and site security and safety.


Establishment: St Johns River Community College

Degree: Electrical Program

Education Period: 06/28/1999 - 06/27/2003

Average Grade: 3.5


--Executive Protection/Site Security --Assessments --Planning --Logistics --Emergency Response --Training --Security/Surveillance systems --Assessment --Planning --Installation --Training --Small arms/missiles --operation --maintenance --repair

Computer Skills: I have working knowledge of most common windows based software as well as copper and fiber-optic infrastucture installation and operation.

Foreign Language Skills: Rudimentary Spanish skills

Additional Information

--Top physical condition, can document with recent bloodwork and physical,as well as IQ test score (137). 20/20 vision, no hearing loss --Have supervised over 35 people in a direct reporting environment --Held a Secret Clearance while on active duty

Honors: --Navy Good Conduct Medal

Conferences or Courses: --Panduit factory course --Leviton factory course

Certifications or Licensures: --Journeyman License, Jacksonville Construction Trades Qualifying Board, 2003 --OSHA 30hr certified --EPA Certified Lead Renovator


--Regular competition in tactical pistol and 3-gun matches approved by most federal, local, and state agencies for training hours.