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Shemeka Jones

17 Public Road,, La Grange,, West Bank Demerara., Guyana

(C) (592)666-9180,


Seeking Professional alignment with the The Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Group of  Insurance companty in the position of legal clerk advertised in the daily news paper dated ; Monday , September 13, 2010. That will benefit from my community and educational contacts and my commitment to fast learning and easy grasping of skills.

Work Experience

Casehier/Assistant Floor Manager (08/06/2007 – 02/08/2008)

Point of sale (manual and electronic) Balance Sheet Editing Close of day sale Supervisory exprerience Customer Service Experience

Last Employer: Lexus Inn

Contact Person: (473)

Responsibilities: Cash all items sold. Do daily inventory on items for sale and als raw materials. Contact banks and other companies concerning the paying of bills , the re-ordering of stocks and the receiving of money and other financial aspects. Make sure all transactions are authorised. Make sure customers are always satisfied.

Accomplishments: Gained managerial skills Experienced a different type of environment away from all the usual comforts of life.

Laboratory Technician (09/29/2008 – 04/16/2010)

Testing of all raw materials for the brewing process of all malt products Testing of product while brewing and after Testing of brew in fermentation , after fermentation, filtration and storage.

Last Employer: Banks DIH Ltd

Contact Person: 225-0921 ext 2231

Responsibilities: Run daily tests and analyses on malt products to verify and certify company standards. Input all results and other data into company database electronically as fell as filing To report any results of lesser standards to superior and help iniciate better results

Accomplishments: Keep all finished products safe for consumption Keep data up to date at all times Report errors before products reach the finish line and are packaged Always finish all written reports before dead line Completed laboratory training as well as food handeler's mini training!

Cashier (03/12/2007 – 06/30/2007)

Point of sales Check out sales Accounting Close of day sales

Last Employer: National Hardware Ltd

Contact Person: 226

Responsibilities: Cash items as customers purchase at point of sale machines and also at check out. Prepare balance sheet at the end of shifts Calculate all loses and or gains for the day Make change for following day.

Accomplishments: Learned - Point of sale Data imputing


Establishment: The Bishops' High School


Computer Skills: Ms office MS Word

Foreign Language Skills: Self- taught Spanish


I have a strong love for community service and anything that can help the country , comunity or the less fortunate .

My hobbies are singing, going to kareoks , writing lyrics and corresponding with friends and families on line.