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Steve Ware

6005A E.151 Terr, Grandview, Mo., 64030, United States

(C) (816) 206-3312,


My automotive background began in 1970 at Ware's "66", a full service gas station. As well, owner/operator of a tow service. During this time, I received an AA degree and was employed by the Internal Revenue Service as a remittance processing clerk and then a tax examiner. I have worked in a retail environment and most recently aas a field data tech and camera operator for Yotta MVS whose clients were county assessors offices. I am detail oriented and have good customer skills.

Work Experience

Field Data Tech (04/01/2009 – 02/17/2011)

Gather field data as requested by county assessors offices. Photograph, apply GPS coordinates on structures and verify addresses.

Last Employer: Yotta MVS

Contact Person: Jan West (816) 842-1010

Responsibilities: Drive, gather field data, operate a 510 Olympus camera, apply GPS coordinates, and download data to a disc for QA.

Tow truck driver (11/05/2008 – 04/01/2011)

Towing and vehicle recovery for AAA, police and individuals using wheel lift, flatbed and boom trucks.

Last Employer: Miller tow

Contact Person: Gary Schlesselman (816)380-2912

Responsibilities: Jump starts, tire changes, lockouts, recover stolen and repossessed autos, and battery changes

Cash clerk/tax examiner (12/05/1989 – 04/22/1996)

Verify taxpayer data and remittance amounts, and prepare remittance for daily deposits. As tax examiner, verify 941 and w-2 amounts and look for any discrepancies. Contact taxpayers for amended forms.

Last Employer: Internal Revenue Service

Contact Person: (816)926-5620

Responsibilities: As lead clerk during peak filing season I was responsible for time sheets, making daily deposits, locating loose or lost documents, correcting blocks of work that didn't balance, encoding blocks of work and do it in a timely fashion.

Self-employed (05/23/1970 – Present)

Painting and renovation.

Last Employer: self-employed

Contact Person: Steve Ware (816) 206-3312

Responsibilities: customer satisfaction.


Establishment: Longview Community College

Degree: AA

Education Period: 08/22/1970 - 05/23/1972

Speciality: Core requirements

Details: College was interrupted by a motorcycle accident. I returned in the Fall of 1975 received an AA degree in Dexember 1975


I have good customer skills that I have applied in my automotive background as well as retail sales.

Computer Skills: Windows XP and Vista, Excel, Word


I am an avid sports fan with football and baseball being my favoritfes. I prefer documentaries and history, of which  the civil war interests me the most. I collect civil war artifacts and like to travel.