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Taylor Maxston


Address: 63 Harwood Drive

City: St. Albert

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Phone: 780-460-4478
Cell: 780-953-2809
Fax: N/A
My status


I wish to be involved in the legal matters of dental practices. This would include errors made by dentists and complaints made by the customers. My family has a history of being involved in legal studies, and I am sure that my father could help me if I need help.


Work Experience

Dental minor lawyer (02/22/2002 – 03/09/2010)

-Worked w/ my father (dental lawyer) -Paper Route -9 year education (w/ honors) -Been on sports teams -Community service

Last Employer: N/A

Contact Person: N/A

Responsibilities: -Organize food bank donations. -Organize funds and placement of funds. -Transport food items. -Deal with questions.

Accomplishments: -Honors w/ proficiency in grade seven and honors in grade eight. -Made the basketball team at my school.


Establishment: Vincent J. Maloney Junior High (St. Albert, Alberta)

Degree: N/A

Education Period: 09/06/2007 - 03/22/2010

Speciality: N/A

Average Grade: 90%

Details: I have worked hard to earn the grades and achievements that I have met in my life.


Athletic Optimistic Critical Thinker Calm Helpful Use multiple perspectives

Computer Skills: Inherit computer skills from my uncle. Know the ins and outs of computers.


Basketball, hockey, soccer, and football.

Enjoy study groups as well.