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Timothy Knoll

11404 S. 257th E. Ave., Coweta, Ok, 74429, United States

(H) (918)486-3769, (C) (918)812-9176,


From day one, with my airplane plate flying my meal first class from my high chair to the carpet, I've always loved aviation. Everything from fueling A/C to flying Cessna's, I've done what i can to find my nitch in the field. Sense I have started my journey maintaining and piloting these birds has been on my mind. You may even say my passion. I'm powerplant rated and will have my airframe in June as well. Serving the industry as a repairman for Camtronics has reasured me that maintenance is the ultimate passion i wish to persue. Finding not only that I enjoy the work, but that I tend to be good at it. I plan to continue growing my skills in the field indefintely. The story of my interest is long and the chapters seemingly endless. I plan to make a long lasting positive impression on aviation that may help with the future generation to grow there love of A/C as much as mine. Perhaps without the first class in flight meal.

Work Experience

Lead Technician (08/02/2010 – Present)

Testing, fault isolation, and repair to A/C systems.

Last Employer: Camtronics

Contact Person: Mike Lovelace

Responsibilities: Testing and fault isolation on A/C systems. Various Components and Systems from several Airlines are sent in for repair and certification. My job consists of repairing, calibrating, and inspecting these Components to there respective maintenance manuals. The parts or systems are then certified as a servicable item issued a 8130 and sent to the customer in a timely manner.

Ramp Service Agent (05/03/2010 – 02/24/2011)

Ramp work, fueling, parking A/C, etc.

Last Employer: Christiansen Jet Center

Contact Person: Ken Christiansen

Responsibilities: This was an all around ramp work position. Details include parking the incoming flights at the jet center, refueling both avgas and jet propelled A/C, GPU assistance, pushing jet and piston A/C into and out of the hangers, and operating all necessary equipment in the correct manner in witch they were intended.

Load Captian (07/01/2010 – 06/30/2011)

Weight and Balance of A/C and proper loading technics.

Last Employer: FedEx

Contact Person: Tony Rodrigues

Responsibilities: After the A/C touches down my responsibility starts. The first task is to guide the A/C in. Once the A/C shuts down and the lower beacon light shuts off. I would be responsible for the safe mating of the equipment to the A/C. When proper positioning is completed the offload begins. I would inspect each container for correct paper work, position, and security of locking mechanisms. Then send them in the best possible order to increase efficiency on the ground. After the offload is complete and the A/C secured. I would help in the sort operation untill the A/C is ready for onloading. The job of onloading does not vary much from download except for it is now my turn to make sure the next offload shows no mistakes. I must insure all cantainers have the paperwork with correct weight, they are loaded in the correct sequence, and they are secured correctly with there locking mechanisms. after the pilots have boarded, and have no dispute to fly. All remain GSE will be moved away from A/C.

Electronics Technician (01/01/2008 – 03/30/2009)

Calibration and repair of most NDT

Last Employer: Venture

Contact Person: Kevin

Responsibilities: Calibration and repair of most NDT (none destructive testing) instruments including: radiation exposure prevention training. Forklift operations to stock, store, and organise precision instuments and the products for them.

Handler (08/01/2007 – 01/31/2008)

Prepare air cargo container for shipment.

Last Employer: Integrated Airline Services

Contact Person: Mario

Responsibilities: The United States Post Office contractes this company which prepares and loads mail into FedEx frieght containers for air transport. Precision load techniques are used for safety as well as product protection.


Establishment: Tulsa Technology Center

Degree: A&P Maintenance Technician

Education Period: 03/05/2007 - 06/29/2011

Speciality: Powerplant

Average Grade: A average 3.6

Details: Powerplant rating held with Airframe at the end of June.


Powerplant Maintenance Intermediate Electronical background Expert Sheet Metal and Fabrication Intermediate Pilot Experience Beginner A/C tire inspecion Intermediate Tool Knowledge Expert Hard Working and Fast Learning Expert Attention to Detail Expert

Computer Skills: Able to use most programs and software. Able to retain new operation well.

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Powerplant rating held Airframe June 29, 2011


As said in the objective section, I have a passion for aviation that started when I was only a toddler. Besides the flight from here to there. I've always enjoyed building RC aircraft. You could say I have quite the collection. Sense my blood flows Avgas and Jet A, I've turned my model hobbie up a few notches. I have resently purchased plans for a small light sport kit. I'm still collecting materials for this prodject, but hope to have a flying product in the next two years. I have made some changes to the design. I've added the weight and balance specs to manage a tt-10 turbo shaft to a reduction gear to power my sport plane. Even with that said, I want the opportunity to work with the big boys of aviation. the idea of having a job, doing what i love and havent been able to tire of, is like a dream come true. Especially, with a company like American Airlines that has been apart of my life my entire life.