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Travis Martin

1338 Commercial Cross, Montague, PEI, Canada

(H) 902-838-4290, (C) 902-846-9293,


I wish to obtain full-time employment at your company in order to further my personal goals and objectives. I feel I would be well-suited to this position due to my experience in the customer service industry, and my fine-tuned problem solving skills.

Work Experience

Customer Service Representative (06/10/2004 – 02/28/2009)

Three years working for Neonova Internet Services as a Tech/CSR, and over a year of experience working for Virgin Mobile Canada as a Customer Support Representative.

Last Employer: Online Support

Contact Person: Darren Dingwell

Responsibilities: Handling irate customers, performing normal technical support duties, assisting other technicians with their calls.

Accomplishments: Helped train new technicians and provided floor support.

Technical Support Analyst (07/15/2009 – 11/15/2010)

Almost two years of experience with Eastlink technical support, fully trained to handle a number of technical issues ranging from equipment hookup to virus removal.

Last Employer: Advantage Communication

Contact Person: Darren Dingwell

Responsibilities: Handling high call volumes and maintaining services for customers.

Accomplishments: Helped train new technicians to handle higher call volumes.


Excellent problem-solving and investigative/diagnostic skills, near-eidetic memory, excellent people skills.

Computer Skills: Fast Typist, well-versed in diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures for many computer problems.




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