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Tyler Cotter


Address: 876 McKenzie Dr. SE

City: Calgary

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Phone: 1403 455 6207
Cell: 1403 809 4454


Pays a good attention to detail, and demonstrates proper use of tools and specialized equipment in order to complete a job.

Works affectively and efficiently in harsh environments under short deadlines.

Shows a good understanding of 4 cylinder engines, and how they work

Specializes in head gasket replacements


Work Experience

Jegratey Interprizes  (07/03/2009 – 07/20/2010)

Working with drills, wire cutters, wire strippers. Understanding how light ballast's and fluorescent bulbs work. Climbing ladders and working in tight hard to reach areas.

Last Employer: Grant

Contact Person: 403 815 2523

Responsibilities: Replace and re install ballasts, and fluorescent bulbs. Hanging wire, and installing conduits in line for re routing power into different buildings.

Accomplishments: I achieved in understanding how electrical systems and breakers work.

IKEA (04/05/2010 – Present)

Customer service product handling and placement

Last Employer: Elizabeth

Contact Person: 1403 538 2400 ext.2445

Responsibilities: Handling difficult situations with upset customers. effectively and efficiently processing returns or exchanges giving out proper service to customers.

Accomplishments: I achieved the understanding of customer service and how to properly give out the necessary information needed.


Establishment: W.P Wagner High school

Degree: N/A

Education Period: 09/10/2008 - 06/21/2010

Speciality: N/A

Average Grade: Grade 12

Details: High school Diploma


great with using tools, ratchets, sockets wrenches, compression testers, torque wrenches, pulley pullers, and knowing specific torque specifications on some vehicles. Works well in dirty compact areas. Has had experience in replacing a head gasket off of a 4 cylinder engine, and some complete head rebuilds.

Computer Skills: Works well, with Microsoft word, excel, and power point. Has a good knowledge of how to use basic Linux based computers, and or Newer windows vista, windows 7, mac version computers.


Snowboarding, working on my own vehicle, building computers, fixing electronis or small engines, working out, and hanging out with friends.