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Brett Wallace

179 Cougarstone Court S.W., Calgary, Ablerta, Canada

(H) (403) 242-1956, (C) (403) 667-4187,


Part time or full time employment in which my communication skills and organized, logical attitude can be applied.

Work Experience

Cashier / Maintenance (09/20/2008 – 01/03/2009)

Handling money, and serving customers and maintenance of machinery

Last Employer: Mountain View Bowlerama

Contact Person: Greg Mclane, (403) 249-0858

Responsibilities: - Organizing customers with their desired bowling experience - Repairing faulty machinery - Maintaining a clean workplace, as well as ensuring organization of bowling shoes

Accomplishments: While working for Mountain view I further developed my ability to serve customers and handle money, I also gained many organizational skills and increased my understanding of machinery. I was able to ensure each customer was served quickly and accurately. I was also able to maintain a pleasant, clean environment for both customer and employee.

Cashier / Supervisor (02/03/2007 – 10/27/2007)

Handling money, customer service, and workplace management

Last Employer: A&W Restaurant

Contact Person: Brian Rutherford, (403) 217-4104

Responsibilities: - Taking orders from customers and matching product with paying customers - Ensuring an organized workplace with a clean, positive atmosphere - Ensuring co-workers are focused, and productive

Accomplishments: While at A&W I gained many communication and customer service skills. I also learned a number of methods for friendly and efficient service. At my workplace I was able to ensure customer satisfaction, and avoid buildup of customers in line. I was also able to ensure my co-workers stayed focused and on task, and that the cleanliness of the workplace was maintained properly


- Well spoken, excellent communicator - Client interaction, friendly and accurate to client needs - Excellent with numbers - Amicable - Logical/analytical and very organized - Very disciplined - Fast and strong learner - Problem solving

Computer Skills: - Data entry - Strong keyboarding skills - Excellent understanding of both PC and Mac

Foreign Language Skills: Basic understanding of a multitude of different languages, able to pinpoint language by accent and pattern.

Additional Information

Studied martial arts for most of my life, achieved 1st Dan black belt in Shotokan karate (ongoing), as well as 6th Kyu green belt in Jujitsu and 5th Kyu blue belt in Goju Ryu Kai

Honors: Graduated from Ernest Manning High School in June 2010 with honours.


I have been playing guitar for almost 4 years, this has sparked my interest in music and lead me to find my natural talent for music as well as building my coordination.

I have been playing squash for about 2 years now and it has greatly increased my overall fitness and improvisation skills. Playing this sport has vastly increased my ability to plan on the spot and react quickly.

I have studied the martial arts for about 12 years now, it has given me a great deal of discipline and confidence. Training in 3 very different styles of martial arts has given me a great sense of eclecticism, this has made me quite aware of the different ways in which people think. Because of this, I am able to understand the perspectives of many different people. Evidently, my training in martial arts has made me adept in the areas of self-defence, but it has also given me a great deal of knowledge in conflict resolution, and the ability to end/avoid conflict effectively.