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Emilia Reber


Address: 43 Helen Street

City: Port Colborne

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 905-834-8663
Cell: 905-414-8173


I am looking for a job to gain experience in any type of job atmosphere. I'm looking to find a job that allows me to work part time, during the school year and the summer. A vital thing is that Thursdays and Sundays need to be taken off inorder for me to keep focused on school and church. Punctuality and commuication are a large part of me and my skills.  


Work Experience

Newspaper Delivery Personal (02/21/2011 – 07/08/2011)

Last Employer: Tania Gordon

Contact Person: 905-688-9202

Responsibilities: Delivering newspapers, and flyer's (occasionally Sears catalogues) to 104 houses. Have them delivered by 8pm, every Thursday.

Accomplishments: Successfully delivered every Thursday through all types of weather.

Volunteer At McKay Public School (09/21/2009 – 11/26/2009)

Helped students in the classroom, and marked work.

Last Employer: Mrs.Kione.Buck

Responsibilities: Keep students under control, grade papers properly, and respect all staff.

Accomplishments: Achieved 25 hours of community hours, to go towards my 40 hours needed.

Volunteer at 2009 Wally Cup (05/02/2009 – 05/03/2009)

Handled tickets, both giving out and receiving, also handled money, and signing in teams that were playing in the games. Also had a lot of contact with other people, both who I was working with and participants.

Last Employer: Wally Adams

Responsibilities: Handle money, tickets, and players.

Accomplishments: Successfully completed 14 hours of community hours.


Establishment: Port Colborne High School, Port Colborne, ON

Degree: none

Average Grade: 81.1%

Details: Has made Honour Roll, twice. Apart of Student Council, and in the running again for next year.


Communication; Punctuality; Co-Operation; People Skills;

Computer Skills: General knowledge of computer systems; Excelled knowledge of Photoshop, and art programs.

Additional Information

Excel in the arts Great in English Good with people

Honors: 81.1% average (2009-2010) 83-85% average (2010-2011)

Certifications or Licensures: CPR certified First Aid certified Ladder certified


Interests include: Art, both visual (photography primarily) and dramatic. Participating in the Special High Skills Majors Arts&Culture; Music, listening to, as well as learning to play guitar; Animals, care taking of my dog and hamster; Volunteering around the community at most chances.