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guillaume richard


Address: 67 joffre st

City: Halifax

State: NS

Country: Canada

Phone: 463-8653




Work Experience

Computer technician (03/01/2011 – Present)

I am a computer technician at Kingsview Academy, I do everything that has anything to do with computers, printers, and other peripheral devices.

Last Employer: Ms. Rina Otero

Responsibilities: Keeping computers in working order Dealing with any issue that comes up Managing the WiFi network


Troubleshooting Perseverance Rockclimbing Honesty

Computer Skills: I can fix a wide array of issues be it software related or hardware. Even if I don't succeed at first I keep trying until it is fixed.

Foreign Language Skills: I can speak both English and French fluently. And my written English is average


Rockclimbing has always been my favorite sport since the minute I first layed hands on a plastic hold. Climbing involves solving problems and trying to be your best. This carries over in my technical skills because I never give up. No matter what.