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luke enns



My goal is to get a job in the construction field after graduation.  I have incorporated many skills in construction including framing, roofing(steel and torch on), painting, demolition of old buildings and forming concrete walls.

Work Experience

General Labourer (04/14/2007 – Present)

Raking leaves and dirt, building and painting garage and shed,shoveling manure, chopping and stacking wood, refinishing a utility trailer,cleaning chimney, spreading top soil, clipping down bushes and just general outdoor chores

Last Employer: Bob Strank

Contact Person: Bob - 250-573-2460

Responsibilities: Responsible for finishing the list of chores that Bob has given me for the day.

Accomplishments: building construction skills, painting skills, demolishing old buildings safely, cleaning up yard

Lift Operator (12/21/2008 – 02/26/2010)

I worked as a lift operator, and i assisted in buiding a terrain park.

Last Employer: Norm Daburger

Contact Person: Norm: 250 828 9595

Responsibilities: ensuring safety of others, running things smoothly, entertaining guests, cleaning up lodge, maintaining fire in lodge and at tube park

Accomplishments: kept everyone safe and having a good time

General Labourer (07/16/2008 – 07/07/2009)

Helped build a carport with my Grandpa and did lawn work (weeding, mowing and raking) two summers

Last Employer: Richard Enns

Contact Person: Richard: 250 256 4663

Responsibilities: framing, painting, nailing/screwing, torch on roofing

Accomplishments: build a carport and put a roof on my Grandpa's house

General Labourer (08/06/2007 – 08/31/2007)

I helped form concrete walls and assisted in the beginning stages of building a home.

Last Employer: Grant Mcdonald

Contact Person: Grant: 250 573 2341

Responsibilities: set up supports for the formation of a concrete wall, wiring together rebar, hauling forms up and down a steep hill

Accomplishments: took part in seeing the beginning stages of building a home


Establishment: Westsyde Secondary School

Degree: Grade 8,9,10,11

Education Period: 09/04/2007 - 04/23/2010

Average Grade: c+

Details: built: a wooden box, a tile hot plate, steel table, steel wood racks for a truck, snowboard rail, fly tying vise, fly box,


Have experience with tools in the wood shop and metal shop ( passed safety test for metal shop three times)

Computer Skills: I have general computer skills and use the computer on a daily basis at home and at school.

Foreign Language Skills: Gr. 2 - Gr. 11 French


I am interested in many outdoor sports including hunting, biking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing and snowboarding.

I have enjoyed being in the beginner, junior and senior bands as well as jazz band at Westsyde Secondary School playing the trombone.  I also like playing the guitar at home.

I have volenteered 3 years in a row at a kids camp.

After I graduate I hope to get into some kind of job that involves construction, because I find it rewarding and I have been told in the past by a few people that I am good at it.