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R. Michael Langtry



With 25+ years experience in all aspects of the IT world, I am now looking for a new challange.

A career of pioneering new technologies, established existing and maintained old. Very quick uptake skill, with self starting and leadereship experience allows for a very wide application.

Old school values, strong work ethic, with experience and knowledge to make your project successful.


Work Experience

Systems Admin (06/01/1993 – Present)

Network, Server and Systems Administrator for K-12 Schools

Last Employer: Winnipeg School Division #1

Contact Person: HR: 775-0231

Responsibilities: Install servers, workstations, printers, networking infrastructure, software, and all other computer devices, IP based services, Web services, and manage all of the above

Accomplishments: First live interactive conference via internet, first community gardens in Winnipeg, first community bike program in North America. 16 years of 98% uptime for 1000's of students and staff.


Establishment: U of M

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science

Education Period: 09/01/1987 - 06/30/1990

Speciality: Applied Sciences

Average Grade: 3.6

Details: Double Major in Computer Science and Philosophy, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Expert systems, neural nets and parallel processing.

Establishment: Hertzing

Degree: Computer Electronic Technologist

Education Period: 09/01/1986 - 06/30/1987

Speciality: CET

Average Grade: A

Details: CET certification for board level design and repair.


Self starter, leader, team player, fast learner, can fix almost anything. Very mechanically inclined, Logical thinker.

Computer Skills: all MS platforms (client and server) Users Apps, services, etc... Novell 6.5, edirectory, boarder manager, groupwise, etc... Networking: design, impliment, secure and maintain. Security: design and impliment Web: since it began. CMS: Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle for education and corporate use. MySql, SQL, Access, Oracle, etc...

Foreign Language Skills: smattering of french.

Additional Information

Research Projects: Hydrogen

Publications: Article in the Aquarian

Conferences or Courses: Too many to list

Professional Membership: WANTE


Hobbies: books and movies, designing an engine that runs on water.

Sports: Cycling, Surfing, Sailing, watersports in general