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Michael Mckittrick II

952 E. Rich St., Columbus , Ohio, 43205, United States

(C) 614-446-6695,


If you're looking for an experienced automotive technician that has over 11 years diagnosing and repairing vehicles with strong knowledge of 12 Volt electrical, then look no further. If you are looking for an extremely hard worker that can speak not only on a professinal level, but also in terms that the customer will understand, then you've found that person. Assuming that you are seeking an employee that will strive to make further advancements in both your company and himself, I think that it's safe to say that I'm the personelle you're in search of.

Work Experience

Owner-Automotive Technician (03/04/1999 – Present)

Mechanical- Oil changes, Lube, Spark plugs/wires, Distributor caps, Air filters, Blower motors, Converted R12 to 134a, Replaced alternators with both stock and high output, Fuel Pumps both mechanical and in tank, Changed belts, Rear shocks both stock and air with on board compressor, Coil springs, Leaf springs, Struts, Lowered coil springs with clamps and by oxy/ace welder, Tire rotation, Replaced wheel studs, Changed wiper blades/arms, Wiper motors, Replaced a manual transmission, Clutch master/slave cylinders, Brakes bleeding/disc/drum/shoes/pads/rotors/calipers, A/C compressor, A/C leak detection with uv dye, Accumulators, Orifice tube filters, Exhaust manifold gaskets, Mass airflow sensors, Windshield washer pumps, Thermostat, Upper and lower radiator hoses, Plugged and patched holes in tires, Light Bondo work, Light welding, Light body work, Fuel filters in line and tank,replaced both rear wheel and front wheel drive transmissions and a v8 4.6 engine Electrical- Converted sealed beam headlights to halogen, Halogen to HID, Whelen hide away strobes with power supply, Alarm systems (with dual stage shock sensor, Glass breakage sensor, Interior radar/Motion sensor, Starter disable relay, Key less entry) Federal signal police equipment (Sirens, pa systems, Switch Panels, Light bars) Headlight and tail light flashing relays, Brake/reverse light flashing systems, Numerous accessory switches and panels, Power window and lock work, Headlight switches, Over 100 neon lights including under car kits, Changed numerous bulbs including headlight both stock and aftermarket, Tail lights, Dome, Cornering, Parking, Turn, Side marker and courtesy, Light assembly (Headlight, Tail light, Turn signals) both stock plug harness and hard wire, Batteries stock and aftermarket, Power trunk release systems, Shaved door handle and locks, Driving/Fog lights, CB radios, Horns stock/aftermarket/air Car Stereo- Several CD Players both harness and hard wire, Several amp ranging from 100 to 1500 watts, Capacitors for power storage, Replaced speakers (mid range/Tweeters/Full range/Woofers) both stock and aftermarket, Passive and electrical crossovers, Competition batteries, Power distribution blocks, High amp fuse/holders, Steering wheel control interface

Last Employer: Mike's Garage and Car Audio

Contact Person: 614-378-3197

Responsibilities: Providing quality workmanship at a affordable price.

Co-Owner-Manager-Piercer (11/25/2004 – 09/12/2007)

Last Employer: All City Tattoo LLC

Contact Person: 614-444-TAT2 now 614-443-1529

Responsibilities: Payroll, Accountant, Record Keeping, Inventory, Quarterly tax estimations, Advertising, Promotional publication distribution, Body piercer, Customer service, Appointment scheduling, Cleaning, Sterilization of all reusable equipment, Forming and successfully managing a Limited Liability corporation

Accomplishments: I have had world renound tattoo artist from all over the globe including Tawain, Siesta Key Floridia, New York and many others

Keyboardist-Back-up vocals-Suspension-Turn tables, Synthisizor,  (02/01/2002 – Present)

I have performed in pretty much every state in the United States, Also I have performed in, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, South America, Australia, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and many others

Last Employer: Only Flesh and Evolved Body Art

Contact Person: 614-378-3197

Responsibilities: To play my music and to attempt every tribal "Coming of age/Warrior" ritual that I can.

Accomplishments: Extensive media coverage and thousands of fans


Establishment: Grove City High School

Degree: GED

Education Period: 08/30/1998 - 10/11/1999

Average Grade: 3.0

Details: Excelled in home and auto maintenance classes

Establishment: Mobile Electronics Certified Professonal

Degree: MECP Basic

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1

Speciality: 12 volt electrical

Details: In the process of obtaining a basic certification from the MECP

Establishment: Columbus State Community Collage

Degree: Associates in Automotive Technolgy

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1

Details: Starting in January 2015

Establishment: univesity of phoneix

Degree: Crimianal Justice

Education Period: 07/01/2010 - 11/30/-1

Establishment: University of Phoneix

Degree: Psychology

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1


I can operate lifts, diagnostic equipment OBD I and II readers and scanners, multi-meters, several different tire changing machines and computerized wheel balancing machines.

Computer Skills: Windows, Microsoft Word, Power Point

Additional Information

My References include Anthony Barco Service Manager At Germain Cadillac Of Easton 1-866-444-1417 Jason ASE Certified Technician Germain Cadillac of Easton 1-866-444-1417 Roy Champlin Service Manger from the former Bobb Chevrolet

Honors: I have been featured in several magazine publications around the globe for my musical talents as well as my body modifications and performance of rituals from tribes. These publications include International Tattoo Art, Tattoo Savage, Pain, Melt, Tatu-Arte, Nuvo, And several news publications. I have also appeared on several documentaries including National Geographic, Taboo, Ripley's Believe It Or Not and PBS. I have also played a big role in events such as The International Body Art Expo and Trauma

Professional Membership: National Riffle Association, Fraternal Order Of Police

Certifications or Licensures: First Aid, CPR, Blood borne Pathogens, Principals Of Infection and Disease Control, Concealed Carry, Ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, Ordained minister in the Church Of Body Modification


My interests and hobbies include first of all--my son and nephews, music and playing my instruments (guitar, banjo, bagpipes, keyboard, harmonica, and the didgerdoo), nature, fishing, auto mechanics, car customization, anything Cadillac related, shooting firearms, and bowling. I especially enjoy doing activities in which I can be meticulous, paying close attention to detail.