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rajan kumar


City: ?h

Country: Costa Rica



Your objective tells a prospective employer the type of position or occupational field you wish to enter. Try not to overuse personal pronouns (my, me, mine, I, etc). Keep this about them, not you. Keep it short and to the point, clear and concise. Incorporate two or three of your main strengths and where they were developed to most effectively support your objective.


Work Experience

Sr. Web manager (11/14/2007 – 11/02/2010)


Last Employer: ex

Contact Person: rahab

Responsibilities: Responsibilities

Accomplishments: Accomplishments


Establishment: er

Degree: Pst graduate

Education Period: 11/10/2010 - 11/16/2010

Speciality: 33

Average Grade: 3

Details: 3



Computer Skills: as

Foreign Language Skills: ad

Additional Information

Additional Information:

Honors: Honors

Research Projects: Research Projects:

Publications: Publications

Conferences or Courses: Conferences or Courses

Professional Membership: Professional membership:

Certifications or Licensures: Certifications or Licensures:

Study Abroad: Study Abroad:


In this section you can list your interests, activities or hobbies which are important to you and which reflect your valuable characteristics and positive qualities at the same time (such interest may include: sports, musical and artistic activities, community involvement etc.)