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reid cameron

515 park st, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

(H) 1902 678 6854, (C) 1613 631 8370,


would like to work as an engineer. mainly boating but anything would be good after i get out of university. i would like to learn more about engineering  when i get out of univeristy and try to make my way up the slopes until i am a high paid employee.

Work Experience

acadia university goalie camp instructor (06/09/2010 – 06/18/2010)

working with kids ages 6 - 15. ice 3 times a day. off ice once and lunch time

Last Employer: councilor

Responsibilities: tour the kids, look after them in the pool, gym, rink, etc.

Accomplishments: made money for the summer. made new friends


Establishment: would like to attend Boston college, Connecticut university, or Yale.

Degree: would like to get my engineering degree


played high level hockey since 7 years old. attended Cadets from grade 7 to 9.

Computer Skills: know how to find things easy. can create a website easily fast typer

Foreign Language Skills: can speak French, and bit of Spanish

Additional Information

attending Ontario Hockey Academy in grade 10. playing in OEMHL in Ottawa.

Honors: maintained 90 average in grade 7 in academic maintained 87 average in grade 8 in honors delta maintained 85 average in grade 9 honors pie

Research Projects: science fair on garbage and waste, hovercraft's, and solar electricity.


plays airsoft, road hockey, paintball, video games.

plays hockey year round.

plays the saxophone, drums, calrinet, guitar, and piano.