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Richard Ross

191 moonlight ave, Sudbury, ON, Canada

(H) 705-560-9543, (C) 705-919-9896,


To obtain a full time position in your company, to better my experience in the working world. Plan to attend college in the fall to pursue electrician apprenticeship.

Work Experience

Inventory Taker (08/20/2010 – 07/20/2011)

Last Employer: WIS Inventory Specialists

Responsibilities: Excellent skills in precision and time management, as well as being able to handle what can sometimes be physically demanding. Responsible for travelling to various locations and doing store inventory for clients, attention to detail and precision is a must. Gained valueable skills in providing fast and effective results. .

Technical Support (08/14/2011 – 03/08/2012)

Last Employer: Teletech Holdings

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include assisting customers with billing inquiries, troubleshooting technical problems with services and equipment, de-escalating irate customers to help understand why certain things happen.

Accomplishments: Gained a more in depth understanding of the value that customer service has to offer.

Customer Service Representative (04/10/2008 – 03/11/2009)

Last Employer: Teletech Holdings

Responsibilities: Customer sales, billing support, offline support. Responsible for taking inbound wireless tehnical support calls, also calls from business and government accounts with over 1000 subscribers. When required by management, assisted in cleaning the main floor of facility, including bathroom and training areas. General maintenance in and outdoors.

Accomplishments: Able to upsell produts and services to customers when necessary, this assisted with expanding the business.

Customer retention specialist (03/13/2009 – 07/30/2010)

Last Employer: Online Support

Responsibilities: Assisted in technical support, sales and customer service. Also assisted in maintaining facility, cleaned washrooms, floors, as well as training areas when required. Took part in training new employees, also in pilot program. Assumed supervisor duty when needed, pertaining to staffing needs


Establishment: Pace learning Center

Average Grade: Obtained credits toward diploma

Details: Completed courses through correspondance to get credits towards diploma. Started 10/20/2010


Able to assist in technical support, customer service, sales. Food handling, Cleaning/maintenance, General labour/construction, Maintenance/repair.

Computer Skills: Working with all computer based programs, internet explorer, DOS.


Interested in spending time with family and friends, video games, doing anything outdoors.  

 references available upon request