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Sarah Thompson


Address: 272 Charlotte Street

City: Port Colborne

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 905-834-2050
Cell: 289-668-5208


I am looking for a job, that will give me skills for later on in life. I would like to gain experience in fields in work that may not be the field of work I end up in. The reason that, I am looking for a job now is so that I can save money to further my education by attending a post secondary school.  




Work Experience

Volunteer Experience

Managed a booth at Steele St. School's fun fair.

Last Employer: Mr.Mitchell

Responsibilities: Managed booth by taking tickets and awarding prizes.

Accomplishments: Successfully received 2 community hours.

Volunteer Experience

Organized and dealt with the refreshment stand.

Last Employer: Distress Center Niagara

Responsibilities: Managed refreshments.

Accomplishments: Successfully received 5 community hours.


Establishment: Port Colborne High School

Degree: none

Average Grade: 81%

Details: Honor roll student.


Comunication, Listening, Organized, Punctual, People Skills.

Computer Skills: Basic Computer Skills

Additional Information

Applying for Student Council Active in the community


I am interested in reading, acting, and writing. Some of my hobbies include; writing, acting, public speaking.