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Sarah Turner

9 Mclellan Drive, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

(C) 905 431 8084,



I would like to become a Councilor, Kitchen Staff, or Maintenence during the months of July and August 2012. I believe that I could be a good asset to the Camp Pinecrest Staff. At Camp Pinecrest you need to be able to work with others, be creative, and be organized. I have been playing many team sports throughout my life and was Captain of my two previous teams. With Camps concentration on the kids having fun I believe my experience as a leader would help me be the best I can be and help them have fun. Also with the Leader in Training programs offered at the camp under my belt I think it gives me a better view of how to be a staff member and respect the camp environment.


Work Experience

Ringette Referee (10/01/2009 – Present)

Last Employer: Tara Armstrong

Contact Person: 905-259-2119

Responsibilities: I have been refereeing for just over a year and have had several great evaluations. In this occupation you have to make decisions and have confidence in them.

Volunteer (07/04/2011 – 07/15/2011)

I volunteered at Camp Pinecrest for the first two weeks of July. First week as a counselor and second week as kitchen staff.

Last Employer: Anne Colman

Responsibilities: I was responsible for entertaining children, organizing activities, and presenting myself as a good role model for the first week. In the second week I continued to present myself as a role model as well as preparing food and keeping organized in the kitchen

Accomplishments: I finished the two week with no negative issues within my placements and was welcomed back into such roles again in CIT later in the summer.

Assistant Swim Instructor (08/11/2010 – 08/21/2010)

I assisted teaching swimming lessons at the Sarnia Riding club. This was in a volunteer position.

Last Employer: Kelly Steeves

Contact Person: 519-542-5588

Responsibilities: My responsibilites were to instruct children 5-9 on proper swimming strokes and techniques. Also to help run swim meets.

Child Care (08/11/2010 – Present)

I looked after a child while mom had a previous commitment.

Last Employer: Leeanne Smith

Contact Person: (905) 718-9669

Responsibilities: My responsibilities were to watch and take care of a child during a time period. This also often included putting him to bed and being their in the late hours of the night.


Establishment: Courtice Secondary School

Education Period: 09/07/2009 - 11/15/2011

Speciality: Honors

Average Grade: 82%

Details: I am currently in grade 11 and have a high school average of 82%.


I have recently recieved my National Lifesaving on November 23, 2011. I also received my Orca C in 2009 during the Junior Leader In Training program at Camp Pinecrest.

Additional Information

Honors: I received honors for my grade 9 year marks and graduated with a slightly lower average for grade 10.

Conferences or Courses: I have taken part in the three counselor in training programs at Camp Pinecrest and am currently participating in a leadership class at school.


I enjoy many different activities I could do at camp. I love all sports anywhere from Ringette to Ultimate Frisbee to Lacrosse. I also enjoy reading novels that appeal to all ages. One of my passions is baking and decorating pastries and other desserts. I also have recently discovered an intrest in the dramatic arts and am currently involved in three productions with my school cast.