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scott petrella

85 fry cresent, bowmanville, ontario, Canada

(H) 9056973274, (C) 9052439399,


I would like to start at an entry level position, work towards moving up to a fully licensed agent.

Work Experience

Quality Supervisor (02/02/2000 – 01/01/2009)

Organizing meetings. Meeting agenda's. Head speaker at meetings. Problem solving.

Last Employer: General Motors

Contact Person: 9056441783

Responsibilities: Managing a group of 20 people. Scheduling of meetings. Speaking at meetings. resolving issues.

Accomplishments: Supervisor skills Excellent people skills Excellent communication skills


Establishment: Durham College

Degree: architectural design

Education Period: 09/07/1992 - 06/19/1996

Average Grade: 3.0


I have the ability to create house plans using AutoCad. Good at planning and scheduling. Good organizational skills Good computer skills

Computer Skills: AutoCad Assembly management Microsoft Office


I have interest in home design, on a freelance basis providing me with a hobbie at the same time.