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william senier

18 East 33rd St., Hamilton, on, Canada

(H) 905-538-0475, (C) 905-973-0606, (F) 905 894-3468


Current safety training in an industrial setting as well as safety training on Hydro sites. Excellent team work skills. Loyal and dedicated employee with an excellent dedication to detail.

Work Experience

Wildlife Tech (03/17/2009 – Present)

Baiting and setting traps and releasing wild life into the wild away from built up areas

Last Employer: PCO Orkin

Contact Person: Kerry Lyon

Responsibilities: Setting and checking traps, releasing animals

Receiver/Clerk (09/03/1979 – 02/28/2009)

receive and record product,

Last Employer: Oneida Canada

Contact Person: Jim Ives--905-356-1591

Accomplishments: Held job for 29 years


WHIMIS, First aid and CPR, Has-Mat training, Class D license

Computer Skills: Moderate