What Is RBT?

RBT is a popular free resume builder service which allows users to create, host and promote their resumes online at no cost. It was started in June 2009 and since then became widely accepted among large number of job seekers.

What about the stats?

We hold in excess of 13,000 registered users at this point, and this number is growing daily! RBT is currently attracting over 14,000 unique visitors per month, mostly non-paid traffic from search engines, and these numbers are growing rapidly.


Whether you are looking to advertise your resume consultation or career coaching service, whether you are a staffing agency or a company, looking for qualified candidates to fill in a position, ResumeBuilderTemplate.com provides you with a variety of cost-effective solutions to target the niche audience of your choice and meet your sales goals.

Why advertise on RBT?

- Drive High Quality Traffic to Your Website
- Generate Leads and Sales
- Reach highly targeted audience of job seekers
- Leverage low-cost solution to grow your resume or career related service
- Build Your Brand

What Types of Advertising are Available?

At this point we can offer you both banner and text based advertisement. Please check the table below for ad locations and pricing

Package Name Location Average Pageviews Price per month
Home Page Homepage Only 16 200 $100
Resume Templates Resume Templates Page only 5 500 $60
Main Sections Homepage + ResumeTemplates + SampleResumes + Catalog + Tips 27 000 $200
User Sections Statistics + ResumeSettings + Jobsearch + ResumeList 12 000 $100

Specifications for ads are the following:
Text ads: Title = max. 25 chars
Main Text = max 100 chars (3 lines)
Link = max. 30 chars

Sample Ad Location